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Posted by Chaosetor on September 16, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on February 19, 2015



Tokyo Flashback






The Dragon


Dragon Operative

Known Associates

Rose White, Alex McCall, Zuberi, Sarah


Mei-Ling is a member of and presumably an operative within the Dragon, though her exact ranking remains unknown.

Mei-Ling made her first appearance in the CGI trailer "The Firestarter" and later in "The Dragon" where she is seen in what is presumably her home at the time. Here she is attacked by a hellspawn of some sort. It here seems like her preferred weapons are elementalism, in particular fire, and a blade as she uses these to fight off the intruder.

Mei-Ling made her first in-game appearance in the Tokyo Flashback, alongside Rose White, Alex McCall and later, Zuberi. She also seems to hold Zuberi in a higher regard than the two others as she claims he would tell them to stop arguing.

Mei-Ling also made an appearance during the CGI trailer when issue #4 was released alongside Rose, Alex and Zuberi. She also appears during the raid, where she is seen fighting the unutterable lurker wielding her blade. She is also seen after the raid, where she enters a discussion with Alex regarding the events that just transpired there.

Her preferred weapons seem to be a blade and elementalism as she has used a blade and in some way, fire in all of her CGI appearances. Despite this, she can only be seen using her blade skills in-game. This indicates that her weapon of choice is a blade, rather than elementalism.

Mei-Ling has yet to meet the player directly. During the Tokyo flashback the player is presumably experiencing a memory, and she also believes the player to be Sarah during the entire flashback. Furthermore they have no direct interaction during, or after the New York raid, though she can be seen bickering with Alex. It is therefore unknown if she is currently aware of the player's exploit.

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