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Posted by Dots on August 29, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on August 29, 2016

Valley of the Sun God


La Brèche (346,96)






The Sentinels


High Priest of Amun

Known Associates

Hemitneter, Houy, Moutemouia, Moutnefert, Nefertari, Thutmose


Ptahmose was a High Priest of Amun and Vizier of the 18th Dynasty Upper Egypt. In a desperate attempt to contain Akhenaten's evil, he bound his seven children to the City of the Sun God as Sentinels and joined them as their Caretaker. He is the father of Hemitneter, Houy, Moutemouia, Moutnefert, Nefertari, Nefertari the Younger, and Thutmose. In his role of caretaker, he has toiled for 3,000 years to ensure the Black Pharaoh does not rise again. Ptahmose travels the world bringing home stories and postcards for his children to experience the outside world through, and enjoys the occasional game of Senet with Moutnefert. He loves his children dearly, despite what he has damned them to.


He was not always a madman, you know. Many of us had high hopes for the boy. We thought he would make a fine king. A just king. But early on we could see that something was wrong. He was obsessed with changing everything, changing our entire way of life. Many claimed I fought him because I lost power when Amun was abolished as god. That is not right. I fought him because he brought too much change, too quick. He became more and more obsessed, and the entire kingdom suffered. There was drought, hunger and disease. Our people were dying. Yet he would not relent. Even his wife, Nefertiti, could not bring him back. He was lost to the whispers, and that's why we had to fight.


There are not many out there who know about this place. Only one, as far as I know. Well, up until a few weeks ago at least. He is a man who goes by many names and I suspect you must have met him out there. Long, white beard. He carries a staff? Listen to what he says. He is a wise man, and a man who has suffered more than most for what he believes in. I hope he will one day be rewarded for his actions.

The temple city

This place was only built towards the end of Akhenaten's reign, even after he moved his capital to Amarna. It's ironic...that a man who claims to worship the sun, sought his god deep inside the earth. He found something here, I'm sure, something that drove him even deeper into madness, something older than us, older than even Egypt herself. No good has ever come from here, and none ever will.

Memorable Quotes

No matter how far I travel, how long I'm away, I always return to my duty.

This terrible city was supposed to remain hidden for all time. But perhaps it was inevitable. Secrets cannot be kept forever.

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