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Rose White

Posted by Chaosetor on September 16, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on February 19, 2015



Tokyo Flashback






The Templars


Templar Operative

Known Associates

Alex McCall, Zuberi, Mei-Ling, Sarah


Rose white is a member, and presubably an operative within the Templars, though her exact rank is currently unknown.

Rose was first introduced in the CGI trailer "The Puritan" and later in "The Templars" where she is seen at what is presumably the playground in Kingsmouth park. Here she fights a revenant, towards which she has somewhat of a personal agenda. During the fight, Rose uses of a shotgun, as well as an unknown relic.

It is also revealed that she likes long walks in the dark, spilling the blood of evil and fuzzy sweaters, that her dislikes are nouveau secret societies, ravens and people who assume she is too cute to kill them, and finally, that her hobbies are bloodline research and modifying shotgun barrels

She is often seen as the poster child for the "new blood" of the Templars. This impression is strengthened by her devotion and apparent loyalty to the Templars, and their values and traditions, as is revealed in the Templars CGI trailer.

Rose first appears in-game along with Alex McCall, Mei-Ling and later, with Zuberi during the Tokyo flashback. She seems to be previously acquainted with the three, as well as with Sarah. At the very beginning of the flashback she is seen discussing the recent events in Tokyo with Alex and Mei-Ling. The player also has further interaction with her during the flashback, though no direct dialogue takes place.

Upon the release of Issue #4, Rose could be seen in the CGI trailer for the New York Raid, alongside Zuberi, Alex and Mei-Ling. Rose also made an appearance during the raid, where she helps the participants alongside Alex, Mei-Ling and Zuberi. She is also here seen wielding her shotgun as she assists the raiders in taking down the unutterable lurker. Rose is also seen after the raid, though she remains silent.

Her weapon of choice seems to be the shotgun, with no known secondary weapon preference, Rose has used her shotgun in all her in-game appearances to-date, which indicates that she prefers the shotgun over any secondary weapon she might have, if any.

It is unknown if Rose is aware of the player and his or her exploits so far as the two have yet to actually meet. The Tokyo flashback takes place in something that seems to be a memory, and Rose here believes the player to be Sarah. Furthermore they have no direct interaction during or after the raid. Richard Sonnac does, however, mention Rose's encounter with the revenant upon completion of "The Raven".

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