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Posted by Chaosetor on January 18, 2015
Last updated by Vikestart on January 18, 2015

Shadowy Forest










Wicker Follower

Known Associates

Theodore Wicker


Saccharissa is a succubus type hellspawn who is supporting Theodore Wicker in his attempt to save and restore the Hell dimensions. Though her exact standing within Wicker's army is never stated, the fact that she knows him personally, along with her appearing alongside Wicker on several occasions suggests that she has a central position, and that she may even be more intimately involved with him.

Saccharissa debuts as a guiding voice who assists a group of secretworlders in their attempt to locate Theodore Wicker after passing through to the Hell dimensions through a portal in the Overlook Motel. Once they locate Wicker atop a plateau, Saccharissa reveals herself to be a demon herself.

She appears again after the team of secretworlders defeat Eblis, again alongside Wicker. While her current whereabouts are unknown, it is likely that she is now collaborating with Wicker in his quest to find a new and better world for the inhabitants of the Hell dimension.

Memorable Quotes

So sorry. Your in another castle.

You, me...on a beach of razor fossils. The vultures of Leng plucking your nerve endings like a fabulous instrument. Call me sometime.

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