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Posted by Dots on May 4, 2016
Last updated by Vomher on May 4, 2016

Scorched Desert


Café Giza (550,450)






The Phoenicians



Known Associates



"When Tanis was a child and still went by her birth name, she was bitten by a venomous viper. The bite almost killed her, but Tanis begged for the snake to be released unharmed. From that day on, she was smitten.

That, at least, is her story; the only story she tells of the life she led before this one: a life in shadows and secrecy, in service of a society with a time-honoured seat on the Council of Venice. She has served in Venice, an envoy’s hand; her fingers have played across the dark wood of the Council’s table, touched the sigil on the Chair. She has conspired with new enemies in the darkest corners of those cold halls, a serpent in Eden. She has earned her name and she has earned her title.

Like many agents born in the shadow of the big three, she holds no love for those who would rule the secret world, and even now she plays the part of a pawn to threaten kings and queens with one decisive and deceptive move.

Whatever her connection with snakes, invented or otherwise, in many ways Tanis is like the viper she claims made her: venomous, unpredictable, slippery; able to steal through cracks unseen and unnoticed, leaving only the faintest trail behind in the warm sand."

Official Biography


If you'd been in this life for more than five minutes, you would know not to ask me personal questions. You would also know not to trust a fucking word I say. Look around. Who do you think I am, hm? What do you think I do? I am your enemy, but I will give you a bit of advice, and you can decide for yourself whether you want to heed that advice or stay stupid. Watch your back. You have bigger problems than me and my compatriots.

Memorable Quotes

The day will come when I will have this gun pointed at your head and I will pull the trigger. Lucky for you, that day is not quite here yet.

So what are you, red team? Blue team? Green team? You're all the same to me.

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