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Theodore Wicker

Posted by Chaosetor on December 8, 2014
Last updated by Chaosetor on January 18, 2015

Shadowy Forest










Self Proclaimed Saviour of Hell

Known Associates



Theodore Wicker is a former Oxford scholar who specialised in the science of demonology. During his time as a scholar he became the leading expert in his field, as well as the leading expert on portal magic. He also has a mastery of the demonic language, to achieve this he cut into his own mouth to allow the pronunciation of certain sounds. His research later revealed a ritual which could transport him to hell, and in 1987 Wicker performed the ritual at the Overlook Motel in the Savage Coast.

After he succeeded in entering hell, Wicker set out to restore the hell dimensions to their former glory, as they were once prosperous. His vision lead to a vast amount of demons who shared his vision rallying under Wicker's banner.

In the present, a small team of secretworlders entered hell through a doorway in the same motel, with the intention of locating Wicker. After fighting their way through several demonic beings, they discovered Saccharissa, a succubus who had misled them and who is also a close associate of Wicker's and Wicker himself at a plateau. Here Wicker was powering some sort of portal which lead to Earth. He then promises to seal the hell rifts once his business has been concluded.

Later, Egypt, the secretworlders venture into hell again. This time they are requested to do so by the Jinn Amir who claims he owes Wicker a debt. When they arrive in hell, they find themselves in the middle of a conflict, and assailants of an unknown allegiance are attacking Wicker. After having fought their way through the forces, wicker is found battling an unknown assailant and his assassins. Wicker, aided by the secretworlders, is able to drive the unknown assailant back.

The secretworlders return to hell once more. This time they are greeted by Wicker, who requests their aid and advised them to sneak behind the battle lines and into the city of Sheol. The secretworlders rendezvous with Wicker as he confronts his former assailant, who is revealed to be the angel Eblis. The secretworlders manage to defeat and kill Eblis, Wicker then bids them farewell. He then states that he will find a new and better world for the demons of the Hell dimensions, suggesting that he has abandoned his quest to restore the Hell dimensions, but now instead seeks to find an entirely new realm for the demons.

Memorable Quotes

I wouldn't want to seem ungrateful, but emotion is a phantom itch now. We are not of the same species you and I. I have no nostalgia for Earth.

Psychopathy is a quite human trait.

Grandiose words for a thundercloud.

They are summoned and prostituted by gutter mages, amateurs, who know nothing of these iron shores. So you see, contrary to popular literature, it is humanity that corrupted demonkind.

Enough! It is beyond enough! We end this in ashes or as ashes!

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