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Posted by Chaosetor on September 16, 2014
Last updated by Vomher on May 4, 2016



Tokyo Flashback






The Dragon



Known Associates

Rose White, Alex McCall, Mei-Ling, Sarah


Zuberi is an experienced shaman. He made his first in-game appearance during the Tokyo flashback, alongside Rose White, Alex McCall and Mei-Ling. The three seem to respect Zuberi, at least enough to listen to his opinions.

He later appeared in the CGI trailed for the New York raid which was released with issue #4, again alongside Rose, Alex and Mei-Ling. Zuberi returned in-game, during the raid where he conjures forth the buff circles during phase 2 of the final fight. Prior to arriving at the raid, Zuberi was meditating (though Alex jokingly claims he was sleeping) in the park. It is also mentioned that the power of Zuberi flows through the participants of the raid, again indicating that Zuberi is capable of practicing schools of magic outside those available through the ability wheel. Furthermore, Zuberi appears to have a strong connection to Agartha, and Anima as he is able to conjure forth an anima well as seen at the end of the New York raid.

Zuberi returned again during the Enter the Filth Phase 3 event, where he assisted in defeating the monstrous Bird of the Zero-Point Pathogen which was terrorising Agartha.

Even though he has no exact affiliation to any one faction, it noticeable that he mentions Gaia several times in the limited interaction he has had with the player. He also assists Rose, Alex, Mei-Ling and the other participants in the New-York raid, as well as helping to defend Agartha, this indicates that even though he does not belong to a known faction, it is in his interest to defend Gaia from threats such as the filth and the unutterable lurker. His co-operation with Rose, Mei-Ling and Alex, who are all extremely loyal to their respective faction also indicates that he is not directly hostile towards the Templars, the Illuminati or the Dragon, however, he has not shown any affiliation towards any of the factions either.

Zuberi is seen using something which resembles blood magic during the flashback, despite the fact that he does not wield a blood magic focus. This, along with his extensive knowledge of voodoo, portals and other branches of magic, suggest that he is well traversed in schools of magic which are unavailable to the player. This is also strengthened by his use of magic during the New York raid where his power "is inside" the participants, thus strengthening them immensely.

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