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Issue 11 Information

Posted by Vikestart on May 6, 2015
Last updated by Vikestart on July 24, 2015
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Issue 11 continues the Tokyo story arc from Issue 10, opening up the Orochi Tower at last! It is time to go after Lilith and experience the epic conclusion to season 1 of The Secret World’s story. There are great rewards to be had, both from completing the story chain itself and the affiliated achievements.

New Missions

This content update comes with 3 new exciting story missions and also 4 side missions that will aid you in acquiring sequins for AEGIS upgrades.

Mission walkthroughs for all Issue 11 missions can be found here!

There are a total of 21 Orochi company floors to experience within the tower, but you may only play through 3 of them each time. Consequently, all of the story missions in this issue only have a 1-day cooldown, so you can get back in action the next day!

New Lore

Issue 11 also adds a ton of new lore pieces to the game, all of which are found in and around the Orochi Tower!

You can view a list of all lore collections in the game here.

New Items

True to the tradition, Issue 11 also introduces a new set of 10.1 talismans and signets. These are wrist talismans.


New Achievements

Issue 11 also brings a total of 10 new achievements, with a large pool of various rewards including clothing items, titles and the Lorentzian Fabricator v2.

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