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Issue 12 Information

Posted by Vikestart on August 20, 2015
Last updated by Vomher on June 10, 2016
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Issue 12 – To the Dark Tower Below takes us to the roots of the Orochi Tower, with 2 new dungeons, the return of the Agartha Defiled raid redesigned as a 10-man raid, a revamped Eidolon raid, a brand new Challenge system and much more!

Issue 12 will be released in two parts. The first part has already been released and contained many of the Quality of Life improvements as well as the first of the two dungeons, The Manufactory, a revamped Eidolon raid and the return of the Flappy raid.

The second part will introduce the second dungeon, as well as Nightmare difficulty raids, as is coming a few weeks after the release of the first part. When purchasing Issue 12, you will have access to both parts.

New Dungeons

Purchasing Issue 12 will give you acces to two new dungeons. Only the first one has been added to the game so far though, but the next one will follow up in a few weeks.

The guide for The Manufactory can be found here.


Agartha Defiled has returned as a 10-main raid. You can access it from the corrupted portal in Agartha where the first portal from the Whispering Tide event was located.

A guide for the Agartha Defiled raid is available here.

Previously known as the lair raid, the Eidolon raid is no longer affiliated with the lairs. It has become a normal raid with a 3-day cooldown and revamped loot!

The guide for the Eidolon Raid can be found here.

Nightmare Raids

The second part of Issue 12 will introduce Nightmare raids. We will have more information about this as the release of those draws closer…

Challenge Journal

All new in Issue 12 is the Challenge Journal! It will list 4 new randomised daily challenges every day, as well as 7 weekly challenges. The weekly reset happens every Tuesday.


There are also so challenges for completing a specific number of challenges, all the way up to 25 challenges. These also reset every Tuesday.


New Lore

7 new lore pieces have been added to the game. They are listed under Tokyo > Places of Interest > The Manufactory.

The lore for the Manufactory can be found here.

Lair World Bosses

As a summoning key is no longer needed for the Eidolon raid, these have been repurposed for spawning huge Lair World Bosses in Savage Coast, Scorched Desert and Shadowy Forest. They have 8 million HP and are aimed at requiring an entire zone to defeat.

You must be minimum 8 people in a raid to summon the actual boss. The summoners will have exclusive access to the 3 purple signets that drop upon its defeat, however, everyone participating will get a mission report that grants a blue signet bag.


Dungeon Lockouts

Nightmare dungeons no longer have lockout timers!


Social Gui

The Looking for Group window has been completely revamped into the Social GUI. It now allows you to sign up for any activity within the game, even the purely social ones, and you can also add a short comment to your entry.


New Achievements

Issue 12 also brings a bunch of new achievements. The issue category itself has 6 new achievements related to the new dungeon, The Manufactory.


There are also 6 new achievements for the Challenge system.


There are also new achievements for completing the elite and nightmare version of the new dungeon called The Manufactory. In addition to this, a masterplanner achievement has been added for the Nightmare version.

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