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Issue 9 Information

Posted by Vikestart on July 9, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on July 24, 2015
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Issue 9 is the largest update to The Secret World so far. It brings a new playfield, several new engaging story missions continuing the deep and sinister story of the game and the AEGIS system which takes combat to a whole new level.

New playfield

Issue 9 brings a new playfield, and even though only half of it is available right now due to the quarantine walls, there is still a lot to explore. The map has several interesting keypoints, such as Susanoo’s Diner where the Jingu Clan currently has their base of operations in Kaidan. To the north lies Zeroes Wild Pachinko, a former meeting place in Kaidan run by the notorious Korinto-kai, led by Daimon Kiyota. Hell and the houses of Oni invade the northwestern part of the zone, while the House-In-Exile and their leader, Ibeda occupies the Jigoku no Yu Bathhouse.


New Missions

This content update comes with 8 new exciting story missions and also a batch of side missions that will aid you in acquiring sequins for AEGIS upgrades.

Mission walkthroughs for all Issue 9 missions can be found here!

New Lore

Issue 9 also brings over 100 new lore pieces to the table! There is a lot of exciting side story to be discovered, not to mention the introduction of a new lore perspective, The Black Signal, appearing as black lore pieces.

For all lore locations in the new playfield, Kaidan, check this section! For the location of new lore entries outside Kaidan, check the respective collections here.

New Items

If you visit Ginpachi Park, you will find two vendors which sell a batch of new items! The Council of Venice Envoy sells the following items:


An Orochi vendor a little further to the southeast sells AEGIS related items:


New Clothing

Issue 9 also brings a new set of clothing and they are faction specific…. or more specifically, the colour of the clothing set is faction specific. There are three vendors. The Templar vendor is in Susanoo’s Diner where Gozen is, the Illuminati vendor is at the Bathhouse where Inbeda is and the Dragon vendor is at Zeroes Wild Pachinko where Daimon is.

Below is the Templar vendor’s item list. The Illuminati and Dragon ones are identical except that the clothes are blue and green instead.


And below is an image showcasing what the full Templar version of the clothing set looks like. Again, the Dragon and Illuminati versions are indentical except for the colour.


Repeatable story missions

Issue 9 also introduces replayable story missions with the exception of Preludes & Intrigues and Runaway Circus. The story missions can be replayed from the NPC or location where you started them the first time. Refer to each individual mission walkthrough for more info.


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