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Sidestories: Love & Loathing

Posted by Vikestart on July 15, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on March 26, 2015
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Sidestories: Love & Loathing is the second mission pack in a series of smaller content updates called sidestories. It adds new missions, new lore and offers a set of nice rewards upon completion.

New missions

This sidestories pack introduces 5 new missions. 4 of them are action missions and 1 one of them is an investigation mission. This provides you with more content to play through in the new playfield of Kaidan and will make it easier to harvest sequins for AEGIS upgrades.

Mission walkthroughs for all sidestory missions can be found here!

New Lore

Love and Loathing also introduces a solid set of new lore pieces to the game.

All lore locations in the new lore collection, Tale of Momotaro, are listed here!

Completion Reward

Upon completion of all the new investigation missions in the mission pack, you will be awarded with a [Deep Mystery Box] which will award you an Uncommon, Rare or Epic item.

You will also receive the Cracked Noh mask when you have done all the missions.


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