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Posted by Darxide on November 17, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on July 24, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Besieged Farmlands Cucuvea (940, 550) XP598 410 PAX30 000  BB6
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Tier 1

Objective: Go to the courtyard of Our Lady Monastery

Head out of Cucuvea’s tree and to the right. Around (995, 530) your mission will update.


Objective: Drive the Deathless from the courtyard

Kill all the Deathless you can find in the mission area. Once you’ve killed enough your mission will update. Once you reach this point the color saturation will go out of the world and everything will be grey.

Tier 2

Objective: Go to the ruined gateway

The gateway is at (995, 410).


Objective: Protect the owl until the ritual is complete

You will need to fight off 2 waves of Deathless and a boss. There is a long pause between waves, so be patient. The Owl will also heal you if you stay close. Leaving the small area behind the owl will reset this step of the mission.


Tier 3

Objective: Explore the ruins

Move deeper into the ruins. You will need to find one of two statues to advance the mission. You can find the nearest one in a small ruined structure at (955, 390).


Objective: Cleanse the western shrine

Objective: Cleanse the eastern shrine

Click the eastern shrine and then move to (945, 350) to find the western shrine.


Tier 4

Objective: Drive the Deathless from the inner courtyard

Kill Deathless in the mission area until the mission advances. I had to kill five before the mission updated.

Objective: Go to the ruins gateway

The gateway is at (1025, 340).


Objective: Protect he owl until the ritual is complete

Like before you will fight two waves of Deathless plus a boss with long pauses between waves.


Tier 5

Objective: Explore the church area

Go to (1050, 350). When you get near the church you will be transformed into a Deathless. Your abilities will transform into three different Deathless abilities:

Blood Bolt – 1.5 second cast time, instant cooldown. Deals a small amount of damage to a target.

Blood Burst – 1.5 second cast time, 7 second cooldown. Deals a large amount of damage and silences the target for a short time. Using this ability on a Deathless will apply a debuff to you that says it silences you, however your Deathless abilities will still function normally.

Bloody Vespers – 2.5 second cast time, 7 second cooldown. Restores a very large amount of health.


NOTE: The Deathless abilities are currently bugged. The tooltip displays instant cooldowns for all abilities, however using them will trigger the appropriate cooldowns. Casting another ability will appear to reset the cooldowns on all recharging abilities but the cooldown will continue as normal.

Objective: Find a way into the church

To bring down the shield, you must destroy 4 statues located around the church. They are located at: (1085, 355), (1100, 385), (1085, 400), (1060, 380).


Fighting in Deathless form can be tough and hard to get used to. It’s recommended you equip health gear when first attempting this portion of the mission. You cannot strafe while in Deathless form unless you are already moving forward or backward.

The best way to fight the groups of Deathless around the statues is to first kill the Penitent adds with them. They die fast but also hit fast which will bring your health down fast. Heal whenever you get below 1500 health. Use Blood Burst on cooldown since it does 3 to 4 times as much damage as Blood Bolt. Focus on one target at a time and don’t worry about trying to use Blood Burst to interrupt casts. It’s far more useful as a DPS ability.

Note: You can skip this entire step by standing at the entrance to the church and using the /reset command to die and then running back in anima form. While in anima form you can walk through the shield on the church and resurrect on the inside.

Objective: Kill the Caller of the Desecrated

Once the barrier is down, enter the church. There is a small army of Penitents between you and the Caller of the Desecrated. Take them out. Once the Penitents are down, you have to deal with the Caller of the Desecrated and his three buddies. Take out the adds first as fast as possible. Hide behind the pillars inside the church when you need to heal since you can be easily be killed during the long cast time on the heal. You can also use the pillars to break line of sight while you wait for the heal to recharge.


Once the Caller of the Desecrated is defeated, your mission is over. Congratulations, this is a tough mission! Before you leave, pick up No-Hope Chest from the Ancient Chest inside the church at (1075, 390).

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