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The Gathering

Posted by Darxide on November 16, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on July 24, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Besieged Farmlands Cucuvea (940, 550) XP498 660 PAX25 000  BB6
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Tier 1

Objective: Search Cucuvea’s tree for useful items

Directly behind Cucuvea you will find Gaia roots and Imbued apples. Picking one up will advance the mission.


Objective: Pick up a Gaian root

Objective: Pick up an imbued apple

Objective: Pick up a crystal

The crystal is located to the right of the roots and the apples. You will receive 3 Cucuvea’s Crystals. The crystals can be used to instantly kill a number of enemies in the targeted area. The imbued apples function as QL10 Energy Drink – Healing.


Objective: Go to Cucuvea’s anima well

The anima well is outside and to the right at (995, 560).


Objective: Plant the Gaian root to cleanse the immediate area

Click on the Anima concentration. This will spawn a Stone Land Wanderer golem that will follow you around for 10 minutes. If time runs out the golem will die. This will not end the mission but you will not have a pet to fight with you. Don’t worry, the golem is pretty weak anyway.


Tier 2

Objective: Assess the threat in the canyon

You will find the entrance to the canyon north west of Cucuvea’s tree at (875, 610).


Objective: Kill the Burzenlander

The Burzenlander is a large vampire located at (815, 645). He’s a standard “ball-and-chain” vampire.


Tier 3

Objective: Find a path to the top of the canyon

Follow the route shown on the map below for the easiest way to the top of the canyon. Once you reach (760, 705) your mission objective will update.


Objective: Reach the sniper’s nest

Continue to (790, 680) and face south.


From here head across the rocky area above the trail. This way you can bypass the sniper’s line of sight and not have to worry about being shot while you dodge between cover.


Continue south to (785, 625) where you can hop down from the rocks. You will be safe from sniper fire here. Head up the hill to the Sharpshooter at (820, 600).


Objective: Kill the Sharpshooter

The Sharpshooter is a standard Death Squad type vampire. Kill him to advance.


Tier 4

Objective: Find the leader of the northern ridge.

You will find the northern ridge at (800, 695).


In the center of the marked mission area you will find a werewolf named Slakeless.

Objective: Kill Slakeless

Slakeless is a typical werewolf and additional werewolves may join him in the battle. If you are not confident in your ability to take Slakeless and multiple adds you can clear the werewolves around the pit where you find him.


Tier 5

Objective: Find the leader of the southern ridge.

Contrary to what its name will have you believe, the southern ridge is actually to the east at (920, 675). Here you will find the vampire Tugomir cel Mare in the middle of a ritual.


Objective: Disrupt the ritual and kill Tugomir cel Mare

Tugomir cel Mare is a standard vampire sorcerer but he comes with three adds and is a fairly tough fight for a first time player. If you use a ranged weapon it is possible to aggro Tugomir’s guards one at a time. This makes the fight significantly easier. Once you defeat Tugomir cel Mare he will transform into a bat and fly away and your mission will be complete.

WARNING: Do not use a Cucuvea’s Crystal on Tugomir cel Mare and his guards! This can cause him to bug and he may become permanently immune to all damage until he resets.


Before you leave, consider picking up the side mission Sacred Protection from the Desecrated relic on the stump near Tugomir cel Mare at (925, 675).

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