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Eye Spy

Posted by Deceiver on October 11, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on July 24, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Carpathian Fangs Damaged Orochi drone (561, 1244) XP74 800 PAX5 000  BB3
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Tier 1

Objective: Activate the drone

Click on the damaged Orochi spy drone to activate it.


Objective: Escort the drone to its master

The drone is now activated and will begin to move. You are now going to defend it! You have 5 minutes to escort it and and when mobs attack it, it will stop. It has a lot of health, so it will most likely not deactivate – but you should keep mobs away from it since you only have 5 minutes to complete the mission.


Objective: Defend the drone

Near the end the drone will stop up and you need to defend it. There is only one mob that will attack, Winterkill Frigid Elder. Deafeat him to proceed.


Objective: Escort the drone to its master

Now that he’s dead you can continue. Follow the drone to Dragan Dzoavich and complete the mission.


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