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Posted by Darxide on November 30, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on July 24, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Carpathian Fangs Lidiya's Terminal (1005, 915) XP797 880 PAX35 000  BB6
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Tier 1

Objective: Gain entrance to the Soviet base

Go out of the tunnel and to the left. Keep going until you find a small doorway at (1140, 875) with an open door. There is a guard that patrols in and out of this door so be careful. Remember, this is a lair area so the enemies here will be extremely tough for even the best geared players and nearly certain death for anyone running these missions for the first time.


Objective: Find the hanger entrance

You will need to try to sneak to (1130, 940) where you will find a tower that has fallen over. When in doubt, putting on sprint and making a run for it works well. Head up the fallen tower.


You might need to run across the roof to the right, past the hole, in order to trigger the next step of the mission.

Tier 2

Objective: Gain entrance to the hanger

You will need to drop into the hole in the roof at (1125, 965) but be sure that you don’t drop down onto one of the patrolling guards.


Tier 3

Objective: Find the room where the secret documents are stored

Once inside, take a look toward the stairs down. There are two guards that patrol this area as well as copious amounts of stationary guards. Wait until both guards here are away from you and then head around the hole in the ground, along the wall, until you are opposite of the stairs.


Wait for the guard below to walk up the stairs before you drop down.


Follow along the walkway until you encounter pipes spewing a green toxin. If you get hit with one of these jets you can easily be knocked off of the walkway into the enemies below which usually ends in death. Use the valve on the pipe to temporarily disable the jets of toxin and make your way past.


Once past, you will need to head up the stairs to the left. Be careful of the patrolling guard on the walkway.


At the top of this small set of stairs your mission should update.

Objective: Examine the documents

There is an oil spill on the ground here leading to a gas canister. You need to light the oil so that the canister explodes when the guard is near. Light the oil when the guard is heading away from you, in the position shown in the image below. If you miss the guard with the explosion, go back down the stairs and wait for it to respawn and try again.


Once the guard has been dealt with, continue along the walkway until you encounter more pipes spraying toxin. The valve is on the other side of the toxin this time so you will have to run through them when they shut off on their own. Be sure to watch the timing before trying.


Past the pips you will find an area of suspended walkway in the shape of a square. There will be a large guard to the left. You will need to head to the right.


There, you will find three items of interest. A valve on the pipe, a ladder, and a gas canister. You can use the ladder to climb to the pipe above if you need to drop aggro. Be warned, if you do this the enemies in the area are particularly tenacious and will often take several minutes to reset. If you come down too soon they may come back for you.


You will need to destroy the gas canister to attract the large guard to the area and then use the valve to spray the guard with toxin which will kill him instantly.



Go to the small room that the guard was guarding. Inside, read the secret documents. *cue spy music*


Tier 4

Objective: Gain access to the container

After you’ve read the documents, return to the ladder near the valve and gas canister where you killed the big guard. Head up the ladder to the pipe above and turn right.


Objective: Retrieve the documents from the container

Run along the pipe until you are above the shipping container below. Drop down on the right hand side between the pipe and the wall.


If you look closely, you will notice a yellow outline on the shipping container near the end. You need to right click on this spot to open the container. BE CAREFUL! If you press your ‘use’ key (U by default) you may accidentally use the exit and you will have to start over again from the beginning! Make sure to click-to-use rather than using the hot key.


After the container is open, read the other set of secret documents (again, clicking instead of using the hotkey). *spy music intensifies*


Your mission is now complete. To escape, click the sewer grate on the ground.


This will send you outside the hanger, but you are still inside the lair. Ahead of you there is a hole in the fencing. Run through that and make your way back to the small doorway. At this point you can choose whether or not to sneak your way there or just sprint straight through.


This is a fairly rough mission the first couple of times you run it, but after you learn the route through the area you may even want to simply turn sprint on and run through everything until you can climb the pipe at the end to drop aggro. This tactic is risky which is why I didn’t use it in the guide, but if you are comfortable with this mission, rerunning it is a good to way to rack up experience for all of those augments you’ve had your eye on.

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