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London Underground

Posted by Chaosetor on October 11, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on July 24, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
London Given Automatically XP598 410
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This mission not repeatable. To replay it, you must start a new character.


Tier 1

Objective: Talk to Dame Julia

Simply return to Temple Hall and meet with Dame Julia as with the previous faction mssions.


Objective: Enter the Mithraeum

The sheer arrogance! How dare they invade London, the very heart of Templar dominion? Better hurry over there and teach them a lesson. The entrance is underground, so you have to go down a set of spiral stairs to enter. If you get lost, consult the image below as it shows the entrance to the stairway.


Once downstairs, use the door to enter the Mithraeum.


Objective: Use the Templars arms cache

Objective: Take defence turrents from the Templars arms cache

Go to the larger room at the end of the ruins. Once there, go to the very back and use the arms cache, be warned though! Using the arms cache will initiate the next step of this mission, so be armed and ready before doing so. Since you will be on a timer once you use the arms cache, it might be worthwhile to check the steps written under the next objective beforehand, as they provide a few tips and tricks for how you should think while preparing.


Objective: Prepare a defence before the invaders arrive

This part is a bit tricky, especially if you are undergeared. So here are a few pointers to help you out when preparing.

1) Use your allies! You will have four willing and dedicated Templar Defenders to help you out, so make good use of them. Don’t let them just stand there and loiter when they could instead help you send those intruders back where they belong.

2) Place the turrets wisely, they do not have 360 degree rotation! So make sure you place them so that they cover as much of the room as possible, with as little rotation as possible.

3) Watch your flank! This I cannot stress enough. On the image below you can see that the turrets have been placed up front, this is not advised unless you are confident that you can defend the flanks singlehandedly. The Illuminati assailants are fond of long range attacks, and can hit you with ease from across the room. This can be particularly annoying if you use melee. Therefore it is advised to place the turrets so that they cover you as best they can. As you have four defenders helping you guard the front entrance, it is not a bad idea to place the turrets so that they each face one of your flanks, as this can potentially cause you a lot of grief, depending on your gear. Another possibility is to place them in the back, facing diagonally towards one flank each, so that they can cover both the front entrance and your respective flank, at least partially. Again, these are just some pointers, you will have to figure out how to place them in order to best strengthen your character and your style of playing.

4) Speaking of turrets, use them! While the Illuminati were smart and brought their ranged arsenal, the Dragon went ahead and brought their melee weaponry. This gives you a great opportunity, as melee fighters need to be close to you, and will willingly follow you wherever you go, even if you were to step in front of a turret, or even lead them onto a landmine.

5) Remember that you have mines! Yes, you have six of them in your inventory, and they can be placed anywhere in the room. As there is little, or no interlude between each wave, it might be a good idea to place them before the assaults commence. You can either place them by the entrances so that the first waves get a nasty surprise when they attack, or you can place them somewhere out of the way and lead enemies onto them later. Beware though, mines are highly explosive and highly sensitive!

6) Bring some healing! This is important, you will have little, or no pause between each wave, so things can get a bit intense, especially if you are undergeared for this mission. It is advised to bring some healing potions, they do have cooldown on them though, so do not waste them! Another neat trick is to have the “Turn the tables” ability, if you have no other means of healing yourself (for example leeching).

7) Know thy enemy. As previously mentioned, the Illuminati prefer long range attacks while the Dragon prefer melee. Exploit this as best you can by turning their strengths against them. Since the dragon use melee, they are more likely to form groups of hostiles, just begging for someone to storm in and hit them all with some AoE, or to be pulled in front of a turret or two. The Illuminati are tougher to control in terms of movement, as they have enough range to cover the entire room, you can either lure them to where you want them to be by breaking their line of sight, or you can focus on taking them down directly, either way, as mentioned in tip #3, do not let your guard down so that they can flank you and take you by surprise, especially if you are using melee.

If you are still having trouble completing this mission, even after following these steps, it might be a good idea to reexamine your build. Multi target leeching is golden here, and makes the mission quite a lot easier, a visit to the build section of this site, or the official forums can be a great help if you are not great at designing builds yourself.

Another solution is to gear up, run some dungeons, get some blue talismans from Elite dungeons, also, be sure not to have too much or too little health. If you are not using all blue talismans, or better, having 1970 HP might be a bit too little for this fight, equip a major or minor talisman giving you more health, or use pure anima (this even persists through death) either for more health, heal rating or attack rating, depending on your chosen style of combat.

Furthermore, if you take too much damage, glance too much or do not deal enough damage, a reexamination of your glyphs can also be worthwihle to improve your chance of survival.

And most importantly, do not lose hope if you get stuck, this mission can be tough, and it might take a few attempts before you get it right.


Objective: Defend your position

And so it begins. You will have to survive for five minutes, but they will take some time before arriving, so you get an additional 30 seconds or so for free for last minute preparations. Use this time to your advantage if you have not been able to prepare properly during the previous step. Once the attackers come, there will be no mercy and almost no interlude, so be prepared. If you are having trouble, consult the steps above.


Tier 2

Objective: Claim the sword

Congratulations! That sure showed them how it’s done. And now for the prize, walk up to the sword, and claim it in the name of the Templars! And to top it all of you even get some surprising remarks from Dame Julia. Claim the sword by “using” it as you would any other object, it is waiting for you just behind the arms cache. It seems to be broken though, talk about much ado about nothing…


Objective: Return the sword to Gladstone

Head back towards Temple Hall, turn right and enter the Temple Club. Gladstone will be on the 1st floor, in the grand library in the centre of the building. As soon as you approach him, the mission will update automatically.


Tier 3

Objective: Meet with Dame Julia

Return to Dame Julia in Temple Hall and your mission will update one last time. You will be given your reward, and a well-earned promotion to the rank of Advocate.


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