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Rogue Agent

Posted by Darxide on January 10, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on August 3, 2014
Zone Starting Location Rewards
New York Given Automatically XP539 810
More Less Jump to:
This mission not repeatable. To replay it, you must start a new character.


NOTE: You will receive this mission when you earn enough XP to reach Rank 7 within the Illuminati faction. If you already happen to have a main mission, you can choose to pause it and accept this one or you can choose not to accept Rogue Agent at that time. If you do this, you will need to return to Kristen Geary’s office in New York to resume it. Also, your gear should be at least QL6 – QL8 before you attempt this mission.

Tier 1

Objective: Touch base at the Labyrinth

Head home to the Labyrinth where The Eye will being speaking to you through the PA system again.

Objective: Travel to Seoul

Use the Seoul portal in Agartha.


Objective: Go to the PC Bang

PC Bang is located above the police station. The stairs are at (330, 185).


Tier 2

Objective: Use the PC to setup a meeting with the rogue agent

Use the computer to the right as soon as you enter.


Objective: Meet the rogue agent at the appointed location

Go toward the cafe at (390, 255). When you near you’ll get another phone call from the Pyramidion informing you that the rogue agent is on the run. As you near you will see a Dragon agent chasing a Templar agent out of the cafe.


Tier 3

Objective: Pursue the rogue agent

The agents were headed toward Agartha. Go there now. You will actually zone into a solo instance of Agartha.

Tier 4

Objective: Follow the rogue agent into Agartha

Go down the branch to the left. You will receive another phone call just as you see an agent running away from you while a Templar agent appears from a portal and attacks you. You only need to slightly damage the Templar agent and she will run back into the portal. You cannot follow her, so instead follow the agent who fled.


You will then encounter a Dragon agent. Defeat him in the same way you defeated the Templar. Once you do you will see that the branch ends here. You can’t follow the Dragon so use the other portal instead.


Continue down this branch until you get to the next portal. After you’ve entered through run along and you will see Rhys Delacroix on a small branch above you. This is our rogue agent. He will throw grenades down at you. These are easy enough to avoid, however, as long as you just keep running to the next portal.


Continue left down the branch and you will again encounter the Dragon agent and the Templar agent. Once you’ve past them, enter through another portal.



Run down this branch but do not enter the portal at the end. If you do you will just loop back to where you’ve already been. Instead, as your mission updates, look down and to your right. You will see the rogue agent running away.


Objective: Examine the Custodian’s visual logs

Drop down and follow the rogue agent. As you approach the Custodian you will get another epic phone call from the Pyramidion. After the phone call, use the defunct Custodian.

Objective: Look for where the rogue agent left Agartha

The final image in the Custodian’s memory banks shows the rogue agent leaving Agartha.


Look in the direction where the Custodian is facing. You will see another portal. There really only is one way there so just continue along the branch.


Tier 5

Objective: Recover the artifact

When you approach the exit portal your mission will update. Travel to Shambala.


As you exit the portal you will receive another phone call from the Pyramidion. If you look down you will see the Templar and Dragon agents fighting the rogue agent. It’s time for you to go join in.


Once you reach the fight, all three participants decide to gang up on you. The Judiciary and the Variable are easily defeated so bring them down first. You can use Rhys Delacroix to help you with this. He will throw grenades that, if properly timed, can damage the Judiciary and the Variable making them much easier for you to kill.


Fighting Rhys Delacroix is a little less straight forward. In the area you will notice two dragon statues, one with a red aura and one with a green aura.

The statue with the green aura is used to remove Delacroix’s shield. The shield makes him completely immune to all damage so it’s important to keep it off of him.

The red statue is used to interrupt Delacroix’s long cast ability Unbridled Fury. If this cast is allowed to finish it will hit you for very large damage, quite possibly killing you in one hit. This ability has an unlimited range and ignores line of sight.

To complicate matters, the cast cannot be interrupted if Delacroix has his shield up, so if he is shielded and casts Unbridled Fury, you should run to the green statue first and then the red statue. One more important thing to keep in mind is that each statue has a 10 second cooldown. This means that if you accidentally trigger the red statue and then Delacroix starts casing Unbridled Fury, you won’t be able to interrupt it so be careful!

Tier 6

Objective: Follow the coordinates and conceal the artifact

After the fight, feel free to look around a bit. Shambala is a really great looking area and once you leave there is no coming back. Exit through the anima well past the two statues.


You will arrive back in normal Agartha. Now, go to New York. Follow the mission marker to (365, 435). Here you will find a crate. Place the artifact in the crate. You will receive one final phone call.


Your mission is complete and you will be promoted to Illuminati Rank 7.

NOTE: There is no “turn in” for this mission. Once it’s complete, it’s simply over.
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