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Total Eclipse

Posted by Vikestart on January 15, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on April 26, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Seoul Automatically Given XP359 620
More Less Jump to:
This mission not repeatable. To replay it, you must start a new character.


Tier 1

Objective: Report to Bong Cha

Use Agartha to travel quickly to Seoul, then enter the Dragon HQ. Go to the location marked on the map.


A very interesting cutscene will initiate once you use the door. This mission is filled with sweet informative cutscenes. Make sure to watch them!


Tier 2

Objective: Investigate the police station

This one is not marked on the map, but the police station can be found in the southwestern part of the city. Refer to the image below and its minimap.


Once you enter the police station, you’ll be faced with another cutscene.


Objective: Travel out of The Dragon’s maze to the asylum

Go to the location marked on the map. There will be a temporary portal there.


Tier 3

Objective: Find a portable light source

Okay, there’s no turning back now! You should see a headlamp straight in front of you. Pick it up to make the exploration in here easier. Activate it from within your inventory.


Objective: Find and start the generator

Okay, you’ll need to follow the instructions here thorougly to avoid getting lost. First, run across the hallway all the way to the other side. You should see a couple of fuse boxes there. Interact with them to extract the fuses inside as you will be needing those to start the generator when you get to it.


Next, backtrail the path from which you came. When you get to the stairs at the centre of the hallway, go down two floors all the way down to the basement. You have probably encountered the spectre by now. Try to find a medication kit that you can use to cure yourself of the insanity debuff.


Anyway, in the basement, find the generator. It’s really easy to find as there is only one room in the basement, and it’s to the right when you come down the stairs. There room is flooded with water, but you’ll find the generator in there. Interact with it.


Tier 4

Objective: Search the medicine dispensary

Go up a floor using the stairs (the floor above the basement) and enter the corridor to the left. Proceed forward into the second part of the corridor. Refer to the map in the image below. You should find a room to the left that looks like this:


Tier 5

Objective: Search the operating theatre

Head towards the hall with staircases again, but take a left just before you get there. The room you’re looking for is this one:


Tier 6

Objective: Search the morgue

Exit the room and take a right. Go to the end of the corridor to find the morgue.


Tier 7

Objective: Search Administration

Go to the opposing corridor on the opposide side of the hall with the staircases, then enter the first room to the left in that corridor, refer to the map in the image below.


When you use the documents on the ground, a lot of spectres will spawn in the room. Don’t worry, they will not attack you. Once they have disappeared, you will have to use the documents again to proceed.

Tier 8

Objective: Find the patient’s holding cell

The correct holding cell is on the floor above, which is the third floor. Look for the symbols you have just collected. The correct door has all those symbols drawn on the wall next to it, refer to the image below.


If you use the wrong door, a Manifestation of Insanity spawns. It will heal itself as long as it is inside the room, so fight it in the corridor instead.

When you open the correct door, you will find the Spectre that has been haunting you all the time in this asylum. Defeat it to gain access to a piece of memory.


Objective: Follow the memory to the artifact

Go to the reception on the second floor (the floor below) again. Near the top of the big door on the other side of the reception, there is an artifact. Pick it up.


Tier 9

Objective: Return to Seoul and talk to the professor

Return to the third floor and take a left from the top of the stairs. You’ll find an open window that you can jump through in order to return to Seoul.


Once in Seoul, go to Kumiho Hotel and talk with the Professor inside.


Tier 10

Objective: Return to the Dragon

Go to the Dragon Headquarters. The location is marked on the map.


Tier 11

Objective: Travel to the Scorched Desert in Egypt

Go to Agartha. Once in Agartha, you can get to the portal to the Sorched Desert either by following the first branch past Kingsmouth, the Savage Coast and the Blue Mountain, or you can take the shortcut which is to jump down on the right side of the Agartha platform. Either way, get yourself over to the Scorched Desert.


Congratulations, this marks the end of this mission. You will automatically be assigned the mission Black Sun, Red Sand.

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