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My Bloody Valentine

Posted by Vikestart on December 4, 2014
Last updated by Vomher on August 17, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan Clubhouse Door (680,270) XP498 680 PAX25 000  BB


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Once you have completed the entire story arc from this issue, you can replay this mission from the start location shown above.


Tier 1

Objective: Enter the Clubhouse

Interact with the door. If you wait too long, you will have to do the wall puzzle again to uncover the entrance.

Objective: Explore the Clubhouse

Beware: There are a lot of enemies inside!


Filth and Humans #1 can be found in the firing range of the Clubhouse.

How about trying out the Dance Arcade machines??


Anyway, moving on. Head for the coatroom straight ahead.

Objective: Examine the memo

Kill the Infected inside, then inspect the memo on the desk.


Objective: Find a way to open the secret door

You have to find a Shredded coat. Its location is random from time to time so we can’t tell you where it is, however, it should be fairly easy to spot. Pick it up.


The tooltip for the Shredded coat suggests that you should disassemble it to get something inside. Do this through the assembly window.


Next, you have to find an undamaged coat. There should be one in the main room where you first entered the Clubhouse.


Combine the chip with the coat to produce the Chipped coat.


Return to the Coatroom and use the highlighted Hanger. This will reveal the hidden passage.


Tier 2

Objective: Explore the passage

There are some interesting memos under the paintings on the way to the other side of the passage. As soon as you open the doors


Objective: Defeat the Priest of the Blinding Light

When you approach him, he’ll start attacking with a cone attack alternating in position.


When you’ve dealt a fair amount of damage to him, he’ll run off the stage and head for a dead Infected corpse. He will attempt to reanimate it.

To get the achievement “Doing it right“, you must stop him from reviving any of the dead Infected. Use impairs to interrupt the reanimation.
To get the achievement “Doing it wrong“, you must allow him to revive all the dead Infected


When you’ve almost killed him, he will run back to the stage one final time and initiate a huge filth assisted blast. You must get to the outer edges of the room and hide behind one of the pillars.


Each pillar has a safezone behind them. Find one to hide behind.


Objective: Go deeper into the complex

The door you’re looking for is approximately straight ahead from the stage, opposite site.


Proceed through the passage into the lunch room. From there, attempt to access the kitchen.


Objective: Find a key to the kitchen

One of the filth infected kids in the lunch room will drop the kitchen key.


Objective: Unlock the kitchen door

Access the kitchen with the key.

Objective: Explore the kitchen

The Chef is inside and is will attack you if you get close. You can sneak past him if you are careful. Grab the Keycard.


Objective: Find the door that the keycard opens

Once you leave the kitchen, you’ll be trapped in the lunch room and ambushed by ghosts.

Objective: Defeat the ambushing spectres

There will be 4 waves of spectres you need to defeat before you can carry on.


Objective: Find the door that the keycard opens

Make your way back to the Auditorium.

Objective: Defeat the Crawling Prayer

He’s back! Make sure to be on the move when fighting this one as it will constantly place filth pools at your feet.


At some point, the Crawling Prayer will go to the left side of the stage and start casting an ability which will cover the centre area of the Auditorium in filth. Get to the outer edges of the Auditorium.


Objective: Knock down a column to cross the filthy flow

After that, it will start casting another filth AoE that covers the entire room with no safezones at all. To counter this, you must knock down a pillar by attacking it, then climb the pillar and use it to reach the Crawling Prayer. Once you’ve dealt a nice batch of damage, it will stop casting the all consuming attack.


Objective: Destroy the Crawling Prayer

Keep going like this until the Crawling Prayer has been destroyed.

Tier 3

Objective: Find the door that the keycard opens

There’s only one set of doors in the Auditorium that has a Keycard reader next to it.


Objective: Explore the passage

Two infected will come toward the elevator. You can either kill them or sneak past them; their vision in the dark is limited. Enter the room up ahead.


Objective: Fix the lights

Enter the maintenance closer to the left. Someone has sabotaged the fuse box with a dagger. Use the Master power lever to turn off the electricity current, then pull the dagger out.


You need a new fuse. There should be one in the room outside.


Head back inside the maintenance closet and replace the fuse, then use the Master power lever to turn on the power.

Objective: Find a way into the barricaded offices

When you come out of the maintenance closet, enter the first office on the left.


Grab the Gold keycard on the desk inside. This will warrant you access to all rooms.


Objective: Go to the room where the assassin recently lurked

All of the doors except one are stuck with chairs behind them. Unlock the door to the room where there are several infected.


Go from room to room until you get to the room where the Rabbit Killer lurked.

Objective: Examine the monitors

Interact with any of the four monitors.


Objective: Identify the locations shown on the monitors

There’s a computer on the desk to the right of the monitors. Read the message inside the trash folder.

Once you finish this mission for the first time, the next mission, One Kill Ahead, will be given to you automatically.


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