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One Kill Ahead

Posted by Vikestart on December 4, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on August 5, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan Clubhouse Door (680,270) XP598 410 PAX30 000  BB


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Once you have completed the entire story arc from this issue, you can replay this mission from the start location shown above.


Tier 1

Objective: Go to the First Safehouse

The location is marked on the map. You’ll find a body attached to the entrance door.


Objective: Examine the corpse

Simply interact with the corpse.

Objective: Put the spirit to rest

Uh oh.. Defend yourself against the ambush. This spirit has 2 shields, but is fairly easy.

Objective: Go to the Second Safehouse

Go to the Kaidan docks area. A cutscene willl trigger as you approach the second safehouse at around (500,175).


Tier 2

Objective: Go to the Third Safehouse

The entrance to the third safehouse is right around the corner from Jake Hama.


Objective: Locate the safehouse apartment

Beware of traps in this apartment block. At the top of the first stairs, there’s a tripwire that sets off the nearby explosives. You can interact with the tripwire to deactivate the trap.


There are cameras here as well. Simply running through it will activate hostile turrets. Your best bet is to sneak around it.


There’s another camera up ahead. Go up the stairs to the left to get to the third floor.


Objective: Use the keypad to disable the security grid

This will allow you to go down to the 1st floor through the nearby staircase.


Objective: Go to the first floor

Once you reach the 1st floor, go right. Beware of the landmines in the corridor. Do not get to close to them.


Objective: Destroy the first generator

Destroy the generator at the end of the corridor. You will have to be ready to move back to the staircase as fast as you can, while still avoiding the landmines. This is because once the generator is destroyed, poisonous gas will be released into the corridor, and you’ll die fast.


Objective: Proceed through the newly opened hall

Take a break at the staircase to let the poison stacks expire, then move to the other side of the 1st floor corridor.


Go up the staircase at the end of the corridor, up to the 2nd floor. Beware of the tripwire at the top of this one.


Objective: Destroy another generator

You’ll find a door that you can open. Do not stand right in front of it when you open it. There is a trap behind the door.


Kill the infected enemy inside and destroy the generator.


Objective: Proceed up to the next floor

Only half-way up though, as you’re going to enter the elevator.


Objective: Take the elevator up

Beware of the infected enemy inside the elevator.


The elevator will fall and crash into the 1st floor.

Objective: Destroy the generator

It will be right outside the elevator. Destroy it to disable the force field.


Objective: Proceed up to the fourth floor

You need to go up quite a few floors, via the nearest staircase.


Objective: Locate and destroy the fourth floor generator

These lasers only take up half of the corridor. They switch side at the centre of the corridor, so it should be easy to get past them.


Almost at the end of the corridor, enter the room with an open door. Destroy the generator in that room.


Objective: Locate and destroy the third floor generator

Go right when you exit the room, and go down the stairs to the 3rd floor.

The lasers here cover all of the corridor, but there are only 2 layers now, so if you time it right, you should very easily get past them. Stop half-way through the corridor and wait until they pass by again, then proceed to the end of the corridor.


Head into the room and destroy the generator.


Objective: Proceed to the roof

Go up the nearest staircase, then make your way across the corridor with lasers again, then head up to the roof.


Objective: Take the far roof access down to the fifth floor

An Oni with an extremely vigorous AEGIS shield will attack you. Be careful. Oh, and Flappy will also try to land filth poop onto you.


Head down to the fith floor through the roof access at the other side of the roof.


Objective: Locate and destroy the final generator

Make your way to the next generator and destroy it.


Objective: Enter the other half of the fifth floor via the central roof access

Head up to the roof again and descend to the fith floor through the central roof access. There’s a little surprise waiting for you on the roof!


Objective: Go to the safehouse apartment

Upon entering the safehouse room, you should see a security master switch. Interact with it to turn off all security in the building.


Head further into the apartment.


Tier 3

Objective: Go to the Fourth Safehouse

Exit this safehouse and go to the next one at (705,510).


Objective: Examine the note that Naonomi gave you

Che Garcia Hansson… That name should sound familiar to you ;)


Objective: Travel to the Dream Palace

Anyway, head for the Dream Palace at (685,635).

Once you finish this mission for the first time, the next mission, Nightmare in the Dream Palace, will be given to you automatically.


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