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Youth Outreach

Posted by Vikestart on December 4, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on August 5, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan Jake Hama (930,560) XP299 200 PAX15 000  BB


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Once you have completed the entire story arc from this issue, you can replay this mission from the start location shown above.


Tier 1

Objective: Search the Orochi Projects for information about Fear Nothing

After searching for a while, you’d come across Jung, a young boy with special talens, who can be found in the Kindergarden playground at around (810,180). A cutscene will initiate when you approach him.


Objective: Find Fear Nothing literature in the Orochi Projects

Just outside the playground there is a Fear Nothing poster on the wall of a house (800,150).


Tier 2

Objective: Find the location the poster alludes to

The poster will obviously be the key to finding the location. Carefully examine it. There are plenty of details that hint at a location.


Look for swan boats.
Go to Swan Lake Boat Rentals on the small island south of the Orochi Projects.

Objectives: Search for clues

Explore the area to find a clue. The solution can be found below.

Interact with the grafitti on the undersurface of the docks.

Tier 3

Objective: Find the location the graffiti alludes to

You can find the grafitti image in your mission journal if you need to take a look at it again. There will be a hint below and then the solution.


“The Dead” is the keyword here. Where are dead people located?
Go to the Orochi Projects graveyard to the west of the Kindergarden.

Objective: Search for clues

On one of the tombstones, there’s an inscription. Interact with it.


Tier 4

Objective: Find the location the tombstone alludes to

The tombstone will give you the next clue. This one is fairly easy, so no extra hint this time. The solution can be found below the image.


Go to the the eastern subway tunnels. In one of them, there’s some grafitti on the wall.

Objective: Search for clues

In the southernmost tunnel, there’s a piece of grafitti on the wall. Inspect it.


Tier 5

Objective: Find the location the graffiti alludes to

This next riddle might prove harder to solve.


The Fear Nothing logo represents the sun and the grafitti says that “The sun is the key”. The left part of the logo is highlighted. This could mean that the next location is somewhere in the western part of the Orochi Projects area.
“Don’t get your feet wet” could mean that the location is close to water.
Go to the beach northwest of the Orochi Projects graveyard. There’s a brick wall there, as shown in the grafitti. It’s at around (680,270).

Objective: Gain entry to the Clubhouse

There are 4 bricks on the brick wall that can be pushed in, as buttons. The riddle here is finding the correct order. There’s a hint below, and then the solution.


You should open your mission journal and review the grafittis and images.
If you remember the part about parts of the Fear Nothing logo being highlighted, that’s the key here. The tombstone one is the only one that doesn’t have a Fear Nothing logo, so you must use the process of elimination. Here is the solution:

Once you unlock the hidden door, the mission will be complete.

Once you finish this mission for the first time, the next mission, My Bloody Valentine, will be given to you automatically.


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