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Confrontations and Revelations

Posted by Vikestart on May 9, 2015
Last updated by Vikestart on August 5, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan Orochi Tunnels (420,340) XP498 676 PAX30 000  BB


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Once you have completed the entire story arc from this issue, you can replay this mission from the start location shown above.


Tier 1

Objective: Go to the Boardroom

A familiar face and voice will appear as you step out of the elevator.


Objective: Proceed to the Penthouse elevator

Continue along the corridor. The path is pretty linear. There are a few Orochi drones along the way that you need to deal with.


Pick up the Executive keycard in the second conference room.


Continue along the corridor until you get to a closed door with a keycard reader next to it. Interact with it to use the keycard you picked up, to unlock the door.


Objective: Defeat the Mitsubachi

These Mitsubachi people use player abilities, same as the ones you find in the Ability Wheel. If you recognise some of them, use that to your advantage.

The achievement Hachi kiipaa can only be acquired by not killing any enemies from this point until you’re in the penthouse. View this achievement guide for more info.

This guy uses two dangerous abilities called Thor’s Hammer and Hard Reset. Impair him or break line of sight to prevent him from hitting you with those attacks, especially Hard Reset.


Objective: Continue to the Penthouse elevator

Onwards! But wait…

Objective: Defeat the Mitsubachi… again

There is a portable anima well in the nearby room.


Objective: Trap the Mitsubachi in the room where he is reviving

Destroy the nearby power relay to force the doors shut, trapping the Mitsubachi inside.


Objective: Continue to the Penthouse elevator

Proceed to the door at the end of the room and unlock it with your keycard.


You will face another Mitsubachi agent. Abilities to watch out for are The Art of War as well as a colum dash.


Go to the end of the corridor, and go through the open door on the right hand side, then into the next room to the right. Destroy the relay box inside to trap the Mitsubachi agent in the room where he is reviving.


Head back and into the other room, which is another conference room.

You should pick up the side mission, Portability, which is found at the table.


Continue making your way to the penthouse elevator. You’ll encounter yet another Mitsubachi agent. This one cleanses and protects herself with Pistol Love and plants mines on the floor.


Go to the end of the corridor and through the door on the right hand side, then immediately go left. There’s a keycard in that room.


Pick up the keycard from the desk.


Return to the closed door and use the Keycard reader to unlock it.


Close the door behind you, so the Mitsubachi agent can’t get to you. It is also required in order to open the adjacent door.


Next up you will face two Mitsubachi at once. One them, “Doc”, is healing and applying debuffs on you. That’s the one you should deal with first.


Destroy the power relay up ahead to lock them inside the first room with a portable well in it.


There’s a second nearby room with a well inside though. Go inside the second door on the left hand side, and destroy the power relay in there as well.


Next up are two more Mitsubachi. Go left and get past the closed door.


Go back into the corridor, and enter the room on the opposite side.


Destroy the power relay inside, then go back to the corridor and move on.


The next room with a portable anima well inside doesn’t have functional doors anymore. Go inside and pick up the keycard on the desk.



As you can’t lock them in this time, you’ll just have to be quick. Kill them both, preferably almost at the same time using AoE abilities, then head over to the nearby Keycard reader, open the door, then close the door with the other Keycard reader on the other side.


Do the same with the next door, remember to close that one as well. Then head over to the third door at the end of this corridor. It will take longer to open, and you’ll see all the Mitsubachi run past you.


What’s next should be pretty obvious, hehe. You even get a text from Daimon. You’ll need to survive against the Mitsubachi for the next few minutes.

There are 4 portable anima wells here; 2 on the left side and 2 on the right side.

Objective: Survive the Mitsubachi onslaught

Make sure to avoid getting hit by Zapp’s Hard Resets. It is the most dangerous ability of all, as you’ll be unable to have any buffs at all for 10 whole seconds. Also, prioritise killing “Doc”, as this Mitsubachi heals all the other ones.

Sleight of Hand is a useful ability here, to deal with the high levels of Crowd Control you are faced with. You will definitely need a build with some survivability and healing, as this fight drags out, otherwise you will have a hard time staying alive. Be sure to check out our solo builds and scenario builds.


After a few minutes, Gozen, Daimon and Inbeda will come to the rescue.


Objective: Take the elevator to the penthouse

Now’s your chance! Proceed to the elevator and travel to the penthouse.


You’re probably expecting this already, but you should prepare for an epic boss encounter.


A familiar character makes an entry…


Objective: Defeat Uta

Turns out there are 3 rabbits, but since they are so “honourable”, only one will fight you head on at once. First up is Uta with a psychic shield.

Watch out for the other two rabbits as well though. They will be using AoE attacks.

In order to get the Dance of Death achievement, you must avoid being hit by the attacks of the rabbits you are currently not honourable combat with. Be especially mindful of the rabbit with a long column attack that rotates ~45 degrees.


As you keep brining their health down, they will take turns in engaging in honourable combat with you. These are good moments to heal yourself and catch a breath, but don’t lose focus as the fight goes on.


Objective: Meet up with Lilith on the Balcony

Once they are all dead, approach Lilith.


Sit back for a while and enjoy this very long cutscene filled with awesome.


Objective: Fight off the Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen

In case you’re wondering about the healthbar, no it’s not bugged. Lilith weakened this creature. It has a psychic shield and a demonic shield.


After bringing its health down a bit, it will take off and start dropping filth bombs onto the balcony. These are fairly easy to avoid.


Stay on the same side of the balcony as Lilith, as the filth bird will cast a huge cone attack on the other side when it comes back. Finish it off when it returns.


Lilith will resume her speech and bring you up to speed on what’s happened, but is soon interrupted again. John is coming!

Objective: Fight off the Filth

There will be a few waves of Shades, all of them with psychic shields.


Be mindful about where you kill them, as the pools of filth left behind by them will not go away for a while.


The filth pools will start combining into more fierce creatures. The beastial filth will have cybernetic shields.


Next up are the Filth hulks, with psychic and demonic shields.


The last enemy is a Filth stalker, with psychic, cybernetic and demonic shields.


Lilith resumes her speech, but you will soon have more visitors!


Reap what you have sown.

Congratulations on getting your first Ultimate ability! The colour and timing for the effects will depend on your choices in the story so far. There are no ways to change your choices and there likely never will be any way. However, this is only one of many Ultimate abilities to come, and your future choices will impact those.


Tier 2

Objective: Return to your Faction Handler for a briefing

This tier is not replayable beyond the first playthrough.

Return to whichever Faction HQ you belong to, for a rather shocking briefing.


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