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Hey, Little Sister

Posted by Vomher on September 20, 2017
Last updated by Vomher on September 20, 2017
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan Harumi (660,410) XP44 881 PAX5 000  BB6
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Note: This mission can only be completed while doing Elements of Control.

Tier 1

Objective: Defeat the Battle Ordinance Bot

Take the Battle Ordinance Bot down in battle.

Objective: Reprogram the Battle Ordinance Bot

Once the Battle Ordinance Bot’s health reaches zero, he will go into repair mode and a Makeshift Hacking Device on his back will become accessible. Quickly use it before the Bot repairs itself.

Objective: Wave to Harumi

Go to a spot on the road that Harumi initially texted you on where no guardrail exists and do either /wavebig or /wavesmall while facing the general direction of her apartment complex (690,410). If you are facing the open window that she uses for snooping, you should be fine.

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