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Fierce Competition

Posted by Vikestart on September 11, 2014
Last updated by Vomher on May 11, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan Inbeda (170,805) XP

398 950

PAX10 000  BB18
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Tier 1

Objective: Take the Frowning Mask

It’s on the pillar directly behind Inbeda. Interact with it.


Objective: Examine the death report

The report can be found on the ground right next to Inbeda.

Objective: Travel to the location of the murder

The crime scene is not far from your current location. In fact, it’s just across the street. Go to the plaza over there.


Objective: Search the crime scene for clues

Oviously, the first that came to mind was to follow the blood trail on the ground, which leads you to the nearby sculpture.

Look for a bloody handprint on the sculpture. Right in front of it, there’s a tape recorder.

Objective: Listen to the recorded message

Simple enough. Just enjoy the ambience and the awesome voice acting!

Objective: Put on the Frowning Mask

This item is in your inventory. Use it to proceed.

Objective: Find the hidden report

As the Mask himself (itself?) explains, you may see the remains of strong feelings floating in the air. Follow the yellow stream of feelings.


If you are unable to find the report, there’s a hint along with the solution below.

Study the stream of feelings. There might be an anomaly that tells you where to look.
In the narrow alley, there is what looks like a knot in the stream. The report is there, in a small hole in the concrete wall.

Tier 2

Objective: Find the drop point mentioned in the report

Be sure to read the report before moving on. There is a hint below, and then the solution.

The report mentions “the main plaza”, which is likely to be a large open area in the city.
Using “the main plaza” as a basis, the area near Kurt Buster made the most sense to investigate. Approach the Orochi sculpture located between Kurt’s tank and the diner.

Objective: Put on the Frowning Mask

Use the mask item in your inventory again.

Objective: Continue investigating the trails

Make sure to listen what the mask says. You have two possible routes to trace back, so in a sense this will be a simple process of elimination.

Go to the entrance of the Fear Nothing Foundation building. There is a corpse on the ground there. Approach the corpse to proceed.

Objective: Examine the laptop

While this puzzle might make you tear your hair out, the solution is rather easy to learn. As always, there is a few hints below and then the solution.

At the bottom of the report you found earlier, the red text mentioned “Remember – align the gap to the rising sun, on the bottom – that’s the passcode!”
You will have to use the Orochi sculpture to solve this puzzle as intended.
Head back to the common drop point, which is the Orochi sculpture between Kurt’s tank and Susanoo’s Diner. Position yourself on the west side of the sculpture, then face east. If you do it right, the billboards up ahead will be positioned in between a gap in the sculpture. The billboard at the bottom says “Spark the light“, and that’s the passcode!

Tier 3

Objective: Find the meeting point

If you pay attention to what’s stated on the laptop as well as being familiar with the different locations in Kaidan, then this won’t be a challenge.

The laptop outright mentions the point of interest. If you don’t know where that is, check the solution below.
Go to around (130,525). Behind the screens, there are two dead bodies. Approach them.

Objective: Put on the Frowning Mask

You should know the drill by now ^^

Objective: Find out what the agents did before taking their lives

Follow the streams of feelings to the correct location to find out more.

Follow the pink stream to the southern part of the Manticore area. There is an Orochi sculpture there. Approach it.

Objective: Figure out what the Orochi agent did at the model

This is a puzzle. As always, there’s a few hints below and then the solution.

You can interact with various pieces of this sculpture to make them move. This suggests that what you need to do is to make the pieces be at the correct spots.
If you look closely, you can see where the bricks are supposed to be. The spots have a slight difference in shading, as if something was missing. You can also study the other Orochi sculpture in the Manticore area to see the correct placements.
This image shows the correct placement for all the sculpture parts.

Objective: Examine the tablet

After completing the puzzle, you will gain access to a tablet inside the sculpture. Use it.


Tier 4

Objective: Find Daichi’s body

Use the information on the tablet.

One of the many images on the tablet is taken in front of quarantine zone 5. This should help you find the location.
Go to quarantine zone 5. You should see a corpse right by the wall, as shown in the image on the tablet earlier. Approach the dead body.

Objective: Search the area around Daichi for clues

There is a media player right next to Daichi’s leg. Interact with it.

Objective: Put on the Frowning Mask

Time to trace some feelings!

Objective: Retrace Daichi’s steps

As the mask says, the only viable option is to head north, so… head north!

The achievement The Colour of Tragic can be acquired at this stage. To get it, wear the Mask of Kan’ami and climb up the Kaidan Mall using the ladder in the narrow alley up ahead. Continue following the divergent green emotion stream to one of the billboards up there, then jump off, while still wearing the mask.


Following the streams, you should with ease end up outside the Dream Palace.


Objective: Confirm that Daichi’s trail starts at the Dream Palace

Approach the entrance of the hotel with the mask on.

Tier 5

Objective: Search around the Dream Palace for anything Daichi might have left

Can you find it?

There is a laptop squeezed between one of the pillars and the stairs. Interact with it.

Objective: Examine the contents of the laptop

Of course, first you’ll need the password. Hint and solution below!

The password hint states “Count ninety-nine seconds and pluck two words out of my heart shaped box”, which is a reference to a song by Nirvana. Check it out on YouTube!
The password is Angel Hair, which are the two words referenced to. Input the password and select the first and only option.

Objective: Go to the back entrance to the Dream Palace

Yup, a backdoor. Head on back there.


Objective: Put on the Frowning Mask

It’s still in your inventory. Put that thing back on.

Objective: Follow the trail behind the Dream Palace

An orange stream of feelings! Simply follow the trail.

Objective: Examine the object stuck in the crack

Examine the small piece of fur.


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