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The Abandoned

Posted by Vikestart on May 29, 2014
Last updated by Vomher on May 11, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Shadowy Forest Mosul (570,615) XP

1 595 760

PAX35 000  BB15
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Tier 1

Objective: Fetch the coin that Mosul threw away

If you paid attention to the opening cinematic you should know approximately where the coin is located, but if not, refer to the image below.


Objective: Examine the coin

The coin can be found in your inventory. Click on that item to examine it.

Objective: Find the location referenced to by the coin

The coin will tell you where to go next. Below are a couple of hints if you are struggling:

You will need to translate the text on the coin.
The language on the coin is Greek.


Tier 2

Objective: Enter the crypt

Once you have unlocked the crypt by interacting with the statue helmet, you may simply enter by clicking on the doors.

Objective: Search the crypt

Go to the far end of the crypt and you will find a book on a stone table, however, some kind of ropes are holding the book down, so destroy them first.

If you’re having trouble destroying the ropes, try clicking on parts of the rope to the left or to the right of the book to target it, then destroy it. Clicking on the book itself will not work.


Objective: Examine the book

Pick up the book and read text. Make sure to read it thorougly to solve the next step.

Objective:Locate one of the sisters

The text will obviously hold the answer to this challenge. Below is a hint:

The text explicitly states which person you need to seek out.


Tier 3

Objective: Examine the children’s book

Upon clicking on her, you will receive another book with a sinister story.

Objective: Investigate the story of the book

This is yet another puzzle. Refer to the hints below if you need guidance:

Look at the environment in the story. The story most likely takes place in the Shadowy Forest, in the area you are in right now. Look around and try to find the location.
In the story, there is a lake nearby. Perhaps look for that?


As you approach the stranger, the mysterious woman from the story will approach him to lure him into following her.

Objective: Follow the mysterious woman

So it seems the story is repeating itself. Follow the stranger and the mysterious man to wherever they are going. This is not a puzzle, you just need to follow them, but if you loose track of them, this is where they are going:


Objective: Confirm the story of the Padurii

You will be rooted in place as the mysterious woman devours the stranger and disappears in a not so inconspicuous form afterwards.

Tier 4

Objective: Investigate the corpse

You will find some eggshells. The corpse also holds a note that is likely to contain useful information, so keep that in mind.


Objective: Throw the eggshells in the river at the correct location

The next puzzle is to find the location you need to seek out. If you need guidance for this, there is a hint below:

The note from the corpse contains information on the location you need to seek out. However, the language is not English. You must translate the text or at least parts of it.


Objective: Follow the eggshells

The eggshells will start going down the river. If you find it hard to see the eggshells, you can target them by enabling reticule mode (T) and pointing at them. That will make them easier to keep track of.


Objective: Follow the Blajini

Suddenly, somewhere down the river, a Blajini comes out of a portal and grabs the eggshells, then disappears into the portal again. You need to find and follow the Blajini.

Where could the portal lead? To another realm or dimensional plane?
The portal was quite grey. Which dimensional plane do you know of that is grey?

You need to release yourself into anima form. In other words, you need to die and enter the spectral plane to find the Blajini. Return to the portal’s location and you should see him. The Blajini will start walking. Follow him. This will take quite some time as the trip is long and the Blajini is extraordinarily slow.


Objective: Approach the Blajini

Simply approach and click on one of the Blajinis. You will receive an egg.


Objective: Examine the egg

Examine the egg item in your inventory. You will need to return to the earthly plane in order to actually be able to do this. Use the anima well nearby to resurrect yourself.

Tier 5

Objective: Return to Mosul

He will be exactly where you started the mission. Click on him to advance the mission.


Objective: Share a story with another Secret Worlder

Now this is a nice touch. No investigation needed, but you will actually need to interact with another player in order to finish the mission. Simply find a player and share a story with them by targeting them and using the egg or one of the books in your inventory.

The targeted player will receive a lore piece that is specific to the story you share, as the egg (lore #1), the book about the lele (lore #2), and the children’s book (lore #3) will all award different lore.


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