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The All-Seeing Kawaii

Posted by Darxide on December 8, 2014
Last updated by Vomher on May 11, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan Yuichi and Harumi (850,470) XP498 660 PAX25 000  BB18
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Tier 1

Objective: Check the message from Harumi

You will have received a text message from Harumi upon starting this mission. Click the message icon to read the message.


Objective: Locate the Orochi tank

The Orochi tank is directly outside of Harumi’s building at (790,470). If you jump out of the window you will be right in front of it.


Objective: Upload the virus through the antenna

Climb on top of the tank and use the antenna to upload the virus.


Objective: Locate the crashed Orochi helicoptor

The helicopter is around the corner from the apartment building at (870,565).


Objective: Upload the virus through the connection port

The connection port is located in the cockpit of the helicopter. Use it to start the upload.


As soon as you start the upload a functional Orochi helicopter will start circling you and demand that you stop what you are doing. Of course, you should ignore them.


Objective: Get out of the open to escape the helicopter

Despite the wording of this objective, you must run to a certain location. If you run anywhere else you will fail this objective and have to upload the virus again. Once you finish uploading the virus the Orochi helicopter circling above you will start dropping bombs on you (where do they keep all of them?).


Start running down the road to the North West. Go up the stairs at (820,720).


Once you reach the top of the stairs the Orochi helicopter will fly off and leave you alone.


Tier 2

Objective: Check the message from Harumi

Once again, check your messages.


This message contains a photo attachment that you can zoom in on.


Objective: Find and clean cameras in Nagahama District

You need to clean filth off of 7 cameras in the area. There are more than 7 cameras available so your exact path through the area is up to you but here is a quick, efficient route through.

First location (805,710)


Second location (795,665)


Third location (790,630)


Fourth location (795,595)


Fifth location (720,575)


Sixth location (690,570)


Seventh location (695,615)


Each filthy eggmass that you destroy will spawn a filth shade or a filth beast. They are easily dispatched.

Note: Some eggmasses are too high to reach with melee weapons. Some of these you can simply jump and use use an AoE in midair to hit them. Others will require you to use a ranged attack to hit. I find the easiest way to do this is with the Dragon’s Breath flamethrower ability. Even though it looks like you’re only shooting straight ahead, it will still damage the eggmasses at any height. Rocket launcher abilities are also a good choice.

Tier 3

Objective: Check the message from Harumi

You will receive another text message from Harumi as you clear the 7th camera. This message is different as it contains a video attachment.


Objective: Travel to the Subway Entrance where the footage was captured

Proceed to (535,460) where you will find a Technomorph Pile (affectionately known as a Teletubby by the TSW community) wandering the area.


Objective: Destroy the Technomorph Pile

The Technomorph Pile is not aggressive and will not attack until provoked. It is a dual AEGIS shielded monster using both Psychic and Cybernetic shields. It will attack you with two different frontal cone abilities that are easily avoided. It also possesses an ability called Shock & Awe (pictured below). It is recommended that you interrupt this. If you chose not to interrupt it, you must turn your back on Technomorph Pile until the cast has finished. If you face him you will be knocked to the ground and momentarily stunned. This will continue to happen until Shock & Awe ends. Even with all of this, he is an easy fight.


Objective: Recover the camera from the remains

Once you’ve beaten the Technomorph Pile, click on it’s remains to recover the camera.

Objective: Replace the camera at the subway entrance

Place the camera back onto the camera mount.


Tier 4

Objective: Check the message from Harumi

Another text message from Harumi. Hopefully you have been reading these messages. This message specifically will give you a clue on how to complete upcoming objectives.


Objective: Go to the overpass

You need to go to (435,570).

Objective: Find something that might attract the Filth

If you’ve been reading the text messages you might have an idea of what attracts the filth. In the small alley you will find an overturned vending machine.


Pick up a can of Bingo! Cola.


Objective: Use the Bingo! Soda to lure the Filth down to the tree

Use your slightly shaken can of Bingo! on the tree.


Pay attention here because the animation will finish slightly before the cast bar. If you move before the cast bar finishes then nothing will happen and you will need to retrieve another can of cola.


Objective: Climb the overpass

Walk up the filth-bridge.


At the top of the bridge you can climb the filth like a ladder. Beware, you will take stacking filth damage as you climb. This damage scales with you health so equipping health pieces won’t help. As long as you climb without stopping you should reach the top without dying. Once at the top, be sure to step to a clean area so that the filth debuff can drop off of you. You will have to use some form of healing, though. A Karma Curio or Health Drink should be enough.


Objective: Examine the camera mount

Objective: Examine the camera mount

Objective: Examine the camera mount

You will need to examine three camera mounts. The first is to the right of where you just climbed up at (430,560).


Fight your way across the overpass. At the end another filth beast will spawn with dual AEGIS shields of psychic and cybernetic.

The second camera mount is on the building at (395,555). Standing in the filth puddle is unavoidable.


The final camera is hanging off the side of the overpass at (390,550).


Before jumping off of the overpass, retrieve The Black Signal lore The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus #1 at (400,560). (Screenshot)

Objective: Go to the Kaidan City Mall

Jump off the overpass and head East down the narrow road.

Objective: Find a way to the roof of the mall

At the end of the street is the mall. To find a way to the roof, head left until you reach an alley with a broken fence at (580,600).


In this alley you’ll find a ladder. It’s a long climb, so you’d better get to it.


Objective: Search the rooftop for a working camera

There are a lot of broken camera mounts scattered around as well as a lot of filthy creatures on the roof. You can ignore all of them and run straight for (625,510) where you will find another ladder.


Head up.


Kill the two filthy humans on the catwalk and you’ll find a working camera at (630,525). As you grab the camera, a filth bird will swoop in and grab you.


Tier 5

Objective: Check the message from Harumi.

The achievement Nest Ninja is earned on this tier. To get the achievement you must escape the nest without alerting any of the filth birds to your presence. Details are below.

One final message from Harumi will inform you that you need to get out of the nest. The girl knows how to state the obvious.


Here, you have a choice. In the nest is a lore piece as well as an achievement. If you already have both or if you do not want to get either of them, you can quickly alert one of the flappy birds. You’ll be killed, but the mission will complete. This can be accomplished by stepping on the horn directly in front of where you start. Otherwise, hop to each of the different objects sticking out of the filth to avoid the debuff.


If you want the lore and/or the achievement, you will need to avoid the horn by stepping around it. Be aware that you will take a lot of filth damage here. Every time you move you will want to stop on one of the clean spaces to let the filth debuff run out and then heal to full health.


Go to your right and around the large filth mound and you will find a narrow passage toward the back. Head toward the vending machine at the back.


Make sure to avoid the alarm clock hidden on the ground.


Next to the vending machine you will find The Black Signal lore piece The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus #2. (screenshot)

Take a can of Bingo! Cola from the vending machine.


Carefully make your way back to the other end of the nest being sure to avoid the alarm clock. At (380,795) you will find two Opportune spots.


Use either one of them to spray the cola. Like before, be extra careful that you let the cast bar finish before you move. The animation will end before the cast bar. Moving early will mean you will have to brave the filth and alarm clock again to get another can.


Once you’ve sprayed the cola the tentacles should start whipping wildly. While they are distracted, quickly run through them and jump off of the ledge. Your mission will be over and you should be awarded the achievement as you reach the ground.


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