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The Animate Clay

Posted by Vikestart on July 5, 2014
Last updated by Vomher on May 11, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
New York Dr. Aldini (Modern Prometheus) XP

1 795 250

PAX35 000  BB15
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Tier 1

Objective: Search Dr. Aldini’s lab for clues

On one of the workbenches, there is a note, next to a jar with a head inside.


There is also a computer nearby. It has a lot of interesting lore, and it may give you some useful clues. Make sure to check it out. As for the password…

Take a look at the original Frankenstein novels.

The password is Paradise Lost.


Objective: Follow the trail of the creature

And so begins the first puzzle. Where to go? Below are two hints and then a solution.

The note explicitly hints at where to go. Think about the layout of New York as a city.
Altitude is relevant. Up or down?
You need to go the New York City sewers. Entrance is at (300,290).

Objective: Investigate the scene

Examine the note on the chest of the dead body.

Tier 2

Objective: Follow the trail of the creature

Again, you will have to figure out the next location. There is a hint below.

Something in the note should tell you where to go next. An address? Or a number?

If you can’t figure it out, the solution is below.

The telephone number at the bottom of the note has the +44 area code, which is the area code in England. With that in mind, it’s pretty clear that the next location is London. And where in London is the market? Darkside… After exploring Darkside, London, you should find the next location eventually.

Objective: Make contact with P. Schuyler and Sons

It is pretty obvious that this is a puzzle where you have to use items in the correct order, however, how would go about figuring out the order? Below are two hints and the solution.

We are already familiar with the telephone number that led us here. Is there anything else you could do with that number?

Call the number in real life. If you can’t do that, play the recording below.

If you can’t figure it out, here is the solution.

The hint from calling the number in real life (or listening to the recording) should give you a clue that tells you in which order you need to use the items. See the image below.theanimateclay_11

Objective: Obtain information regarding Dr. Aldini’s account

As you complete the puzzle, the zombie on the ground will rise and become possible to interact with by clicking on it.

Click on the zombie to open up a window with several buttons. You will need to input a specific numer, then hit the red button to submit.


Below is a hint to get you started.

It might be an account number.

Below is the solution if you are struggling to figure it out.

You need to input Dr. Aldini’s account number, which is 112016 as shown by the x-ray in his clinic, The Modern Prometheus.

Objective: Inspect Dr. Aldini’s invoice

Once you have submitted the correct number sequence, the zombie will barf up the invoice, which will end up on the ground. Interact with it.


Tier 3

Objective: Travel to Innsmouth Academy

Go to Innsmouth Academy in The Savage Coast. As soon as you enter the school yard, the mission objective will update.

Objective: Search the grounds for the missing P. Schuyler and Sons employees

Well, you will more or less just have to search for the body until you find it. If you want to know where it is immediately, refer to the image below.


Objective: Find the location referenced in the message

The mesage from the phone tells you to find an eye, which the nearby entrance gate to the Academy resembles, then walk towards the southeast. You should find a dead body under a bush in that area.


Objective: Determine the identity of the corpse

With the two notes next to the body, you must determine the identiy of the corpse. Below are a few hins, and then the solution.

The barcode on the ID badge might be able to provide essential information.
Considering this person’s likely affiliation with the Academy, you should find a computer in the building complex to search for more information.

Below is the solution if you are stuck.

Use a barcode scanner to translate the barcode stripes into numbers. Go to the computer inside the building complex of the Academy at (290,365), then input the number sequence from the barcode, which should be 01221121.

Tier 4

Objective: Find the creature’s lair

You should be able to figure out the location of the creature’s lair with all the information you have access to at this point. If not, refer to the image below. Enter the lair.


Objective: Confront the creature

Once inside the creature’s lair, which looks like a warehouse of some sort, look around to find a way leading deeper into the lair. You should find an opening in the wall of crates, however, it’s blocked by an electrified pool of water.


There should be a switch nearby that you can turn off the electricity with.


Head back and move deeper into the creature’s lair. Eventually, you will find the creature. Proceed to kill it. The creature does not have any special attacks and is easy to kill.


Objective: Inspect the creature’s lair

Once the creature is dead, there will be a short while where nothing happens, until…..

Objective: Permanently destroy the creature

Apparently, you cannot kill the creature by conventional means. You must figure out a way to destroy it permanently. If you are stuck, refer to the solution below.

Remember the electrified pool from earlier? You must lead the creature to that pool of water, kill it there and then run over to the switch to turn the electricity on again. This will destroy the creature permanently.

Objective: Inspect the creature’s lair

There is a final note on a crate near the creature’s corpse. Interact with it to finish.


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