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The Bank Heist

Posted by Vikestart on September 12, 2014
Last updated by Vomher on February 2, 2017
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan Daimon Kiyota (445,815) XP436 330 PAX25 000  BB18
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This guide is undergoing major revision. It is still usable in the interim.

Tier 1

Objective: Examine the Blueprints

Objective: Take the explosive

The blueprints and the explosive are both on the round table nearby. Pick them up.


Objective: Travel to Faust Capital Bank

The location is clearly marked on the minimap, it’s just south of here.

Objective: Search for a way to gain access to the building

There is a Mobile phone on the ground near a kiosk stand to the right of the bank entrance. Interact with it to proceed.


Objective: Examine the Soda Machine

Examine the Soda Machine to the left of the kiosk stand.

The lore piece, The Tragic History of Doctor Faustus #1, can be found in the kiosk stand on the other side of the street from here.


Objective: Search nearby kiosks for superglue

Objective: Search nearby kiosks for a lighter

Go back to the kiosk stand. You should find both items there.


Objective: Use the lighter to force superglue vapour onto the vending machine

Head back to the soda machine and interact with it once more.

Objective: Examine the soda machine

Use the soda machine again. This will bring up a finger print. The print is very important for the next step. You can access this image again using the [Thumbprint impression] item in your inventory.


Objective: Kill a filth-infected office employee

There are several of them in the area. They do not stand in groups, but alone. Kill one.

Objective: Cut the hand off the dead infected

Interact with the corpse. It’s most easy to click near its feet.


Objective: Harvest hands to find the fingerprint, then use it to access the Mefisto Security building

The finger print you just collected could be the right one, or not. Which hand is required is random and therefore we cannot tell you which employee to kill. Simply keep killing infected employees and compare their fingerprints with the one from earlier.

When you are at least moderately certain that you’ve got the right one, head for the entrance to the bank building. Target the ID scanner there, then use the appropriate hand item in your inventory. If it’s the correct finger print, you’ll gain access. If not, you will be ambushed as the security alarm goes off.


Objective: Enter Melfisto Security

Use the large entrance doors to enter the building.

Tier 2

Objective: Find a way to reach the basement

There are a few things that should be mentioned first. Obviously, the patrolling cyborg inside will be hostile. If it sees you, it will place a circular search field at your feet. What you need to do then is to get out of that area to avoid getting caught.

To get the Catch Me If You Can achievement, you must get through this mission without being seen by any of the guards in here at all. This walkthrough will mention some strategy tips here and there for how to get past the guards smoothly.
The lore piece, The Tragic History of Doctor Faustus #2, is in the first room to the right when you enter the bank. Sneak past the Security Drones.


Going back to the mission, what you need to do is to head into the first room to the left. Be careful not to be spotted by the cyborg guard, and also beware of the filth enemies in there. Kill the infected there and approach the disabled guard sitting in the chair.


Objective: Take the security droid’s controller arm

Simply interact with the arm. It will be put in your inventory.


Objective: Equip the arm and use its Scan ID function to access the elevator

First, lets go over what happens if you get caught from now on. You will be stunned, then transferred to a jail on this floor. What you will need to do to get out is to face the ID scanner outside the jail, then use the Wi-Fi ability to connect to it. After that, quickly use the System Reboot ability. This will reboot the system and open the jail doors for a few seconds.


Anyway, sneak past the patrolling guard and approach the elevator. Use the 4th ability near the elevator button and the ID scanner to gain access to it. Then click the button to call it.


Objective: Take the elevator down

You are on the second floor, so click the 1st floor button to go down.

Tier 3

Objective: Traverse the corridor

Just proceed further into the corridor. When you get to the flat blue structures on the floor and wallls, you’ll get a call from Daimon.


Objective: Cartwheel along the corridor

As instructed by Daimon himself and as crazy as it sounds, you will have to cartwheel across this supposed obstacle. Do this with the /cartwheel command. This can be a bit tricky, but make sure that you reuse the command before the cartwheel animation is over, or else you might trigger the alarms.


Objective: Find another door into the high security area

In case you get caught by any guards up ahead and get improsed on the second floor, you can target the hand scanner to the left and use the ID scan ability to disable the lasers.


Moving on, there’s a guard up ahead, but you can get past it on the right side of the corridor, behind the metal plates.


The next issue is the pressure plates. You’ll get another call from Daimon, and as instructed, you will have to moonwalk across them. Use the /moonwalk command.


After that, beware of the guard in the next room. What you can do to get past without being seen at all is to use the Wi-Fi ability, then the System Reboot ability. This will give you just under 10 seconds to get past it.


The next corridor is a little more difficult to get through without being seen. What you can do is to get behind those crates. Stay on the left side of the corridor when you sneak up to behind the crates. When behind them, use the Wi-Fi ability on left guard standing still, and order it to move away.


After that, quickly use the Wi-Fi ability on the patrolling guard and then use the System Reboot ability. Now’s your chance! Sneak past it in a hurry!


Up ahead, you’ll come across another guard. Just Wi-Fi it and order it to move out of your way, then quickly approach the pressure plates and moonwalk across them. If you moonwalk across the pressure plates on the far left side, behind the beam structure, you’ll remove the risk for the guard to spot you from behind.


Objective: Unlock the security door

In the next corridor, you will come across the door you’re looking for. Target the hand scanner and use the ID scanning ability. The door will open shortly thereafter.

The lore piece, The Tragic History of Doctor Faustus #3, is located at the end of this corridor. It’s quite hard to get past the traps and guards. It’s recommended that you proceed with the mission first instead as afterwards there will be one less guard there to worry about, making it easier to get the lore.


Tier 4

Objective: Find the vault wall and place the explosives

Be mindful of the security drones when stepping into the next corridor. Timing is key here. Get to the first door on the right and ID scan towards the hand scanner to open the door.


Inside this room, you will find a weak wall where you can place the explosive. After placing the explosive, get away from the wall as it will explode within a few seconds.


Objective: Use the vault computer to unlock box 143

Head through the fresh hole in the wall into the bank vault and approach the terminal on the other side of the room. First, input 143 and then the code which is 498307. This information is available in your mission journal.


Objective: Recover the manila envelope from box 143

Interact with the safe-deposit box. Be quick as 4 guards are already on their way.


Objective: Deliver the envelope to the Korinto-kai goon in the lobby

4 cyborg guards will enter the bank vault. Wait until they spread, then use Wi-Fi on one of them, then immediately use System Reboot. Now you can run past it unseen. This takes great concentration and swiftness to do flawlessly.

Make your way back up to the second floor. You can either go back the same route, or you can go right when entering the corridor with the security drones in it, and get past them. The door on the other side of the corridor can be unlocked; it is a shortcut back, however, it might be more risky to take this path.

On the second floor, you’ll spot a Korinto-kai goon. Approach him and click on him to deliver the envelope and finish the mission.


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