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The Pagans

Posted by Vomher on September 12, 2014
Last updated by Vomher on May 11, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan Ricky Pagan (915,765) XP498 660 PAX25 000  BB18
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Objective: Take the Boombox with Pagan’s Mixtape

Objective: Examine the dance studio flyer

On a nearby crate is the very Boombox in question playing some sweet rock that you should use. Pick it up.


To the right of the boombox is a poster for you to look at.


Objective: Go to the Rioting Sole Dance Studio

Head to the area marked on your map (795,680).


Objective: Play a track on the boombox to see if any of the Pagans are inside.

Use the boombox from your inventory. This will bring up a selection of songs in place of your ability bar as the boombox is hefted above your shoulder.


Objective: Survive the assault

Playing the track will rile up the spirits of the dead, causing them to attack. Defend yourself.


Objective: Take the jacket

At the feet of the defeated Tomo is a Pagan gang jacket. Pick it up quickly.


Objective: Examine the note

Beside the jacket is the Pagan’s Officer Roll Call.


Tier 2

Objective: Head to Raizo’s last known location

May your way farther in to where Raizo was known to be (720,565).


Objective: Play the Boombox to see if Raizo is around

Wield your mighty music machine for great justice. Remember to play Raizo’s favorite song!


Objective: Avenge Raizo

Kill the spectre Mizuho.


Objective: Recover Raizo’s jacket

Retrieve the jacket left where Raizo once stood.


Tier 3

Objective: Travel to Angry Feet’s last known location

The Roll Call says he’s off of Minato Dori by a building with a Morning light sign (675,515) or anywhere marked by the map constitutes as South Kaidan.


Objective: Play the boombox to see if Angry Feet is around

Playing his favorite song, the Honky Tonk Strut, will cause a large purple aura to extend around you. Strut about in your circle of rock.


He could be any of the Filth. When you find him, he will be fabulous. Click on the dancing glory to advance forward.


Objective: Destroy Angry Feet

Those killer moves come back with a vengeance. Destroy him before he destroys you.


Objective: Recover Angry Feet’s Jacket

Pick up the jacket fast, as it only lasts for 30 seconds.


tier 4

Objective: Travel to Susanoo’s Diner

Make way to the diner (280,545).


Objective: Use the Boombox to find Aoi

Play the song that she loves, the Dirty Dog Bass and click on her (275,575) once you see her moving to the music.


Objective: Listen to Aoi

Stay with the Jingu Aonisaibushi and listen as she talks to you.


Objective: Get Aoi’s jacket from the dumpster

Go to the dumpster in front of the diner (305,595) and fish for her jacket.



Objective: Head to Johnny’s last known location

He was last seen held up in his apartment by the main plaza, so go to the plaza as marked by the map (500,600).


Objective: Locate Big Johnny in the alley

Go into the depths of the alley to find not Johnny, but his jacket (500,595).


Objective: Take Big Johnny’s jacket

Try to grab the discarded coat.


Objective: Destroy Big Johnny

Big Johnny will storm out to defend his precious jacket. You need to kill him. Play his song whenever he begins to cast to interrupt him with the power of funk.


Objective: Take Big Johnny’s jacket

Once Johnny is dealt with, go back to the jacket and take it.


Objective: Return to Ricky Pagan with the Jackets

Return to Ginpachi Park and Ricky Pagan where you started the mission (915,765) to deliver to him what remains of his gang.


Objective: Join The Pagans for a final dance

Upon returning the jackets, the fallen Pagans will come for a final farewell dance with their beloved Ricky Pagan. Dance with them to honor them and their memory.


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