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The Right Round

Posted by Vikestart on July 13, 2014
Last updated by Vomher on May 11, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan Kurt "Buster" Kuszczak (375,610) XP398 950 PAX20 000  BB18
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Tier 1

Objective: Find information on the Orochi operation

Go to the location marked on the map, to the Orochi Truck. Inside it, there is a laptop. Use it and select the second option to proceed.


Objective: Find an entrance to the sewers

Go to the location marked on the map, just south of Susanoo’s Diner. There is a reinforced manhole there that has been opened.


Objective: Enter the sewers

Interact with the reinforced manhole to enter the sewers.

Tier 2

Objective: Examine the surroundings

Just step into the larger sewer corridor to proceed.

Objective: Find information about the Orochi MK II Towers

There is a dead Orochi guy straight ahead. Next to the corpse, there is a manual. Interact with it to proceed. Be sure to read the notes as they will help you understand how to achieve optimal placements of the towers.


Objective: Pick up MK II Towers

Pick up the Cybernetic tower, the Psychic tower and the Demonic tower. The mission will proceed once you have only picked up one, but you should definitely pick up all three.


Objective: Approach the Filth wall

Head for the huge Filth tentacles to proceed. Be ready for combat as this will set off an irreversible timer which will lead to combat afterwards.


Objective: Prepare for the assault

Now, there are several decent placements for the towers. It depends on where you are comfortable fighting the incoming enemies.

If you line them up across the corridor as in the image below, you should fight the incoming enemies very close to the Filth wall, near the edges of the tower effect radiuses. This way, the Filth residue from the dying Filth enemies will not damage the towers.

To gain the achievement All Along the Defence Towers, you must find all towers, lose none of them and plant all of them at the breach at the end of this mission before detonating them. Strategic tower placement and where you position yourself when fighting incoming waves are essential factors that you need to consider in order to be able to obtain this achievement.


Objective: Fight off the waves of Filth

There will be around 5 waves of Filth infected enemies. Make sure to kill them in a position that prevents too much of their filth residue from damaging the towers. You don’t have to worry about your own AEGIS controllers that much due to the towers, but it would probably be wise to have two types of active AEGIS controllers as incoming enemies will come with all the shield types mixed.

The final wave will be a boss mob, which is a Filth infected hulk monster.


Tier 3

Objective: Collect towers and move deeper into the sewers

Interact with the towers to pick them up, one by one.

In the next room, there is another Psychic MKII Tower straight to the left, in the corner.


It might be an idea to set up the towers before you go all the way to the mission objective which triggers a timer. This will give you unlimited time to set up the towers how you want.

Anyway, when ready, approach the designated Filth wall to proceed.


Objective: Prepare for the assault

As noted above, you could actually just do this before triggering this time limited objective. If not, then you better hurry up getting those towers set up! Again, it is recommended to set up the towers in way that makes them cover as much ground as possible, but leave you locations to kill the Filth mobs without having their filth residue damage the towers.

Objective: Fight off the waves of Filth

This time they can come from two different locations. Which direction they come from is quite random. For the mobs that pull you towards them, you can use the pillars in the room to break the line of sight.

Again, there will be a Filth infected hulk as the boss in the final wave.


Tier 4

Objective: Move deeper into the sewers

When you get to the first intersection in the sewer corridor, you can take a right to find a hidden defence tower. You need this for the achievement. Refer to the image below and its minimap to see the complete path to the hidden defence tower.

There will be a few enemies along the way and a Filth hulk protecting the defence tower.


After you have acquired the tower, go back and head for the northern path. You will get to a new intersection where there are three new defence towers in crates. Pick them up.


You can either set up the towers now, or do it after you have triggered the next mission objective. It’s up to you. Anyhow, this part is quite hard to survive and so tower placement is essential. Refer to the image below for a suggested placement pattern. You should at least make sure that all towers are in one of the psychic tower’s shield radius.


When you are ready, proceed to the mission objective location to proceed.

Objective: Prepare for the assault

You might already have done this. If so, just relax and plan your movements.

Objective: Fight off the waves of Filth

There will be around 6 or 7 waves. Again, the final wave will be an infected hulk monster.


Objective: Go deeper into the sewers

Head for the next room in this sewer system.


Tier 5

Objective: Approach the breach

There are two Filth infected hulk monsters in this room. You might want to deal with them before proceeding to the next objective.

Also, once again, you might want to hold off gonig all the way to the objective until you have all the towers set up. Careful planning is recommended as this will be the hardest encounter. All towers should be shielded by a Psychic tower and having the Demonic towers cover as many towers as possible is beneficial as they increase the effectiveness of towers.

When you are ready, approach the breach.


Objective: Prepare for the assault

Already done, eh? Just relax for a minute. Position yourself appropriately.

Objective: Fight back the waves of Filth

There will once again be quite a few waves and instead of one hulk, there will be three hulks this time around! Furthermore, after you have killed the hulks, another boss will spawn!


This boss has all three AEGIS shields and has a persistent filth pool around its feet. Keep it away from the towers as its filth pool will deal a lot of damage to them!


Objective: Plant MK II Towers at the breach

Approach the breach and use all the highlighted positions to plant the towers. If you have not lost a single tower, you will now be able to gain the achievement affiliated with this mission.


Objective: When ready, destroy the towers to seal the breach

Target a tower and destroy it. This should be done from a distance, or else you will die when the breach collapse over you. Switch to ranged weaponry if need be. Once one of the towers has critically low health, it will explode and cause a chain reaction that collapses the breach.


Objective: Return to Tokyo

The eastern side of this large room has an exit. Climb the ladder to exit the sewers.


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