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Through the Wake Darkly

Posted by Vomher on September 30, 2014
Last updated by Vomher on May 11, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan Ricky Pagan (915,765) XP398 950 PAX20 000  BB18
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Objective: Search for a sign from Ricky’s Holy Trinity

When facing northwest, a trail of leaves blowing inconspicuously into the wind can be seen following the trail out of the park. Start to follow them and until you find the sign (890,777).


Objective: Follow the trail

Continue to follow the mystical wind to (795,880). It leads to a spilled Sycoil oil tanker.


Objective: Examine the crashed Sycoil truck

Use the horrific gash for further inspection. Doing so will cause an Agitated Deep One to attack.


Objective: Follow the filth trail leading away from the truck.

By the tanker’s wheels, tracing the crash, is a trail of filth. Follow it, not the oil in the water, to your destination (690,805).



Objective: Attempt to turn off the Fountain

In the back of the fountain (690,805) is a flow valve you should use.


Objective: Search for a way to reach the fountain

With the valve utterly useless, you must find another way to reach your goal. Luckily for you, there are some benches right behind you that look especially in need of shattering.

Objective: Collect material from the broken benches

Pick up the debris from the poor bench. Doing so will give you the message that you need some more wooden planks. More benches must suffer.


Once you have two sets of planks, you are told that you require something to attach them together.

Alas, there are only benches. Destroy another and collect the remains. This time, it is a pile of bent nails that you are told seem useful.

Objective: Assemble the materials to form a rudimentary bridge

Placing your items into a line to simulate a bridge should work just fine.


Once you have hobbled your bridge together, meander over to (690,810) where it is safe to climb the steps of the fountain and place your bridge down.


Objective: Seal the fountain

Clasped into the statue’s claws is a Dragon Orb. Take the orb and shove it into the dragon’s gaping maw. Do so swiftly, as your bridge will not last long and you will be required to remake it if it breaks.


Objective: Follow a sign from the Holy Trinity

Just west of the fountain is now a giant beam of blinding white light. Head toward it.



Objective: Seal the manhole

Trek the stairs and destroy the tank link keeping the tanker up. It will fall down and close the manhole.

Sycoil Smash may be completed at this step. To do so, gather as many of the sewer-dwelling Filth mobs that spawn when approaching the manhole. Once all of them are collected, destroy the tank link while the mobs are directly on the hole. This can be done through a ranged ability or the aid of a friend. It is advised that their AEGIS shields be brought down before disconnecting the tank.


Objective: Follow the filth trail leading away from the area.

Continue westward (475,845).


Objective: Search for something to help seal the manhole

By the lamppost (485,850) is a reinforced manhole cover.


Objective: Seal the manhole

Place the cover where it belongs.


Objective: Follow the filth trail

Continue on your journey to the west until you come to another Filthy sewage leak at around (380,845).


Objective: Search for something to help seal the manhole

There’s another cover on the other side of the road (370,835) to pick up.


Objective: Seal the manhole

Return the cover to its rightful place over the leak.

Objective: Follow the filth trail

Once more may way toward the tracks of filth until you find yourself face-to-face with a filthy fire hydrant (330,845).



Objective: Obtain a tool to seal the fire hydrant

Wandering about are Filthy Firemen with lovely tools on them. You should kill one.


Objective: Search the corpses of Filthy Firemen for a wrench.

Kill firemen until one of them leaves a pipe wrench behind when it dies.


Objective: Turn off the corrupted fire hydrant

Return to the infected hydrant and turn it off.


Objective: Follow the filth trail

Take the trail to its end (170,995).


Objective: Follow a sign from Ricky’s Holy Trinity

Search for something reminiscent of the third of the trinity: Gaia, Amaterasu, and Elvis. With the breeze of Gaia, the light of Amaterasu, you now look toward the glory of Elvis.


Behold the majesty of the King of Rock and Roll.


Objective: Search for something that can be used to seal the pipes.

Past the King of Rock is a very ominous sewage spill and a multitude of cards. Get close to one of the vehicles.


Objective: Gather hubcaps to seal the pipes

Pluck four hubcaps from the cars.


Objective: Seal the pipes

Go up to each respective pipe and cover it with a hubcap.


Objective: Kill the Hostling

Out from the pipes will come an enormous Filth-infected. Kill it before it kills you.


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