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Trials of the Dragon

Posted by Nordavind on April 10, 2014
Last updated by Vomher on May 11, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Shadowy Forest Tibor (835,855) XP

1 196 810

PAX30 000  BB15
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Tier 1

Objective: Find information about the trials

There is a Romanian Tome on the table next to Milosh. Interact with it to read it.


Tier 2

Objective: Challenge a Romany warrior in the forest

You find several warriors, including Mihas, outside the camp to the north-west. You challenge one of them to a fight by clicking on them.


This will initiate a hand-to-hand combat situation like the one in Issue 6. Some may find frustrating at first, but here are some pointers on how to be the next Rocky Balboa. Read below the image.


* Adding more health does not increase your survivability. The damage seems to be a percentage of your total. I went with the standard 4k.

* Pots are good, but you will only have time to use one. Use a barrier pot before or a health pot after you’ve taken damage. Don’t forget your Karma Curio if you have one.

* Do not step outside the circle that is created, or you will forfeit the fight.

* The real trick to win is:

Do not hit him when he is channelling Hunkering Down. If you do, he will counter with a big attack that takes most of your life. On the other hand, if you let him finish the cast, he will become vulnerable. Now use a quick jab will stun him, and then use your big attacks.

Tier 3

Objective: Find the Trial of Flames

Here’s a hint for you.

There is a place in the forest where there are more flames than anywhere else.

And the solution if necessary.

Head to Hells Row down south, and enter the abandoned tavern to the west. This is where the entrance to the dungeon Hell Eternal is. Use the Brazier of the Eternal flame and enter the Dungeon. Don’t worry, you won’t need a group for what you are about to undertake.

Objective: Brave the flames

When you enter you will see this.


If you have never been here before, and in case you die, let me take you through that first. In the mini-map in the image below you see the spawn point at the left edge. That is where you will spawn. Simply move from there along the south side of the light grey area, and you will be able to avoid the few mobs on your way back. On the image I’m half way there, keeping to the left. Also, ignore the new mission you got, it’s the one for completing the dungeon.


Back to the mission. Move forward. FIRE! You goal is to traverse this flame pit. There are some rules and to make things worse you cannot run (and jump) so you will take damage no matter what, and you will get a debuff called Trial of Flames nullifying and healing and barriers.


Let’s take a closer look on the play field and its parts. This will be the hint part of the tier.

1) Lava. Will give you a dot when you step on it. It is unavoidable to step on this, but make sure to take short routes from tile to tile. Jumping does nothing. 2) Cold tile. Cold tiles are good. You want to stay on these. Diagonal movement works. However, stepping on a cold tile makes surrounding tiles (apart from the one you stepped on) inverse from cold to hot and vice versa. 3) Hot tile. Hot tiles are hot. Hot is bad. They will instantkill you if you step on them. 4) Great walls of fire! They shake my nerves and rattle my brain. You will need to put these out. See 5. 5) Great wall of fire trigger tile. See the pipe going from this tile to the flame wall? Stepping on it till put out or fire up a wall. One tile controls exactly one wall of fire.


Solution below. The lines shows my movement, and even if the tiles are hot in the exact picture, this movement will put make the tiles cold as you move.


Tier 4

Objective: Go to Mirewood

Exit Hell Eternal by using the Brazier of Eternal Flame.


Mirewood is the Shadowy Forest lair. Head that way.


Objective: Retrieve an object of significance undetected

As you cross the border of the lair, you will get a timed objective. Your mission is, as stated, to traverse the lair and find a item inside somewhere without being detected. If an enemy spots you, you don’t even have to get hit by anything, the buff will be removed. You will then need to exit and re-enter the lair.

Look for the light column in the middle of the forest.

The solution can be found below.

Solution here…The best approach is from the west side. Start as shown below. You see the light column in the distance, top middle. As soon as the patrolling fungi has exited to the right you will start a mad sprint: To the right of the bridge, but to the left of the three the fungi is just passing. Continue on the right side of the large rock formation in the back. As you round the rock formation, you will see a black field with the column in the middle. Head straight for it.


Interact with the Suspiciously familiar Wooden Sword to complete the trial.


Tier 5

Objective: Go to the old Draculesti Town

That would be the Ruins of Iazmaciune.


The green barrier is not dangerous, go inside.


Objective: Find a clue to start the Trial of Intelligence

There is no yellow outline on the clue. It’s not far from the entrance.


Objective: Find the next clue

The previous clue said “Boltă peste Măcelar” which is roughly translated to “Roof of the Butcher”. There is a butcher mob in the city.
You need to get up on the right side of the collapsed roof. Go up from the left side then cross over.

Objective: Find the next clue

The previous clue said “Cu lumina celor drepți” which is “The light of the righteous”. Candles make light, deacons are (should be) righteous. 


Objective: Find the next clue

The previous clue said “De stai în astă ușă opt și treizeci îți va fi călăuză”. Meaning something about being guided by the thirty eight. Or something about half past eight. And a door. I don’t know, just look for graffiti up high somewhere. 


Objective: Find the next clue

The previous clue said “Uită-te în gura dragonului” which translates into “Look in the mouth of the dragon”. There is a dragon (not faction member nor Vlad, but the creature) in the city.


Objective: Find the next clue

The previous clue said “Doar dacă pleci pe unde ai venit, a îngerilor viziune ai zărit” which is something like “Leave the way you came, you had a vision of angels”. Not inside the city walls.


Objective: Find the next clue

The previous clue said “Pe pod până ce Luna se culcă, apoi o cauți unde se aruncă” which Is something like “On the bridge to the moon sets, and look where that is”. I think. Observe where the moon sets. from the bridge, to get the general idea of the direction to look in.


Objective: Investigate the hidden room

The onscreen text says “Somewhere, just outside, a heavy mechanism strains and moves”.
Go outside, to the left, and interact with the curious artefact.
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