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Death and Axes

Posted by Darxide on October 12, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on July 24, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Besieged Farmlands Sophie (1044, 1026) XP

872 705

PAX20 000  BB12
More Less Jump to:


Tier 1

Objective: Confront the spirit that weighs on Sophie

It is often the case that spirits cannot be seen from the world of the living because they belong elsewhere.
In order to see the spirit you have to be dead. Simply type /reset and once dead head back into the Owl and Eagle and you will see a ghost next to Sophie. Upon approaching it, it will say “Ioan Patrascu” and your mission will update.

Objective: Search for more information on the haunting

The guest registry behind Sophie might be able to provide more information.

Use the guest registry behind Sophie. You will see that a person called Ioan Patrascu has been a guest as this tavern. His room number is also there.

Rejoin your body and head up the stairs into the first room on the right. There is a laptop on your left and a note on the right. Click on the note first.

Objective: Find clues on the case Ioan Patrascu was investigating

The note mentions a name that could be of importance.
After you’ve read the note, use the laptop and type in Mihail Sasu.

Tier 2

Objective: Go to the initial crime scene

Go to the hanged body at Lover’s Creek (1000,695).

Objective: Investigate the crime scene

Pick up the cell phone behind the body at (997,705).

Objective: Examine the phone

Use the cell phone, which you can find in your inventory.

Objective: Continue investigating the crime scene

Directly across the creek from the phone, behind a rock, you will find a cigarette pack and a broken wine bottle (974,702). You only need to pick up the wine bottle.

Objective: Search for more clues

Cross the creek again, just a little past where the cell phone was, and pick up the love letter (994,713).

Tier 3

Objective: Follow the clues in the letter

The letter tells you where to go next.
In the letter Mihail mentions working at Olaru Farm, so head there now at (1045,895).

Objective: Look for Sophie’s father

Objective: Look for Sophie’s mother

You will find Sophie’s father at (1146,832). Click on the body. There are glasses here which you do not need to pick up.


You will find pieces of Sophie’s mother in the area around (1104,875). Right click any of the body parts lying around.


Objective:Search for clues near Sophie’s father’s corpse

Objective: Search for clues near Sophie’s mother’s corpse

The answers lie right in front of you, yet they don’t.
Again you will need to be dead for this part. You can type /reset or just hug one of the friendly neighborhood scarecrows. Once in Anima form head back to the spots where Sophie’s father and mother are.

Tier 4

Objective: Analyze the clues using the inspector’s laptop

Both Sophie’s father and Sophie’s mother says something of grave importance when you approach them.
Head back to Room 1 at The Owl and Eagle tavern and use the laptop. Type in VL159 and press enter to proceed.

Objective: Use the clues to accuse the murderer

You will find Aron Sasu upstairs, behind the railing at (1081,1118). Once you find him you must target him and type /accuse after which he will become hostile and attack you.

Note: If you accidentally accuse the wrong person you will have to return to the laptop and repeat the previous step again.

Objective: Defeat Aron Sasu

Aron Sasu is a sword user and is actually fairly strong compared to other enemies in the area. Avoid his circular ground attack as well.

Tier 5

Objective: Examine Aron’s Notebook

Once you’ve defeated Aron, examine the notebook on the ground where you found him sitting at the top of the stairs.

Objective: Locate the corpse of Ioan Patrascu

The text in the notebook mentions returning to the bridge, so head to the bridge across Lover’s Creek at (944,800). Underneath the bridge you will find the body of Ioan Patrascu.

Objective: Kill the Herald of Hate

After examining Ioan Patrascu’s body, a revenant by named Herald of Hate will spawn and attack you. Your mission will be complete once you’ve defeated it.

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