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Digging Deeper

Posted by Chaosetor on August 4, 2013
Last updated by Chaosetor on November 17, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kingsmouth Henry Hawthorne (282,476) XP

300 000

PAX10 000  BB2
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Tier 1

Objective: Find the entrance to the Illuminati tunnels

Below you can find a hint, and then the solution in the green box.

In the cutscene, Henry Hewthorne mentioned that the tunnels are underneath Main Street.
If you head over to the town hall you will hear a sound when you step over a certain part of the pavement at (366,367). Move your cursor over this part of the pavement until you get the cogwheel cursor, right click and you will discover the trapdoor to the Illuminati tunnels.

Objective: Find a way to open the trapdoor

Again, a few hints and then the solution.

As you examine the trapdoor, there will be an inscription which reads “Clavis Aurea”
The inscription is Latin, and means “golden key”
The key in question is the key to Kingsmouth. It can be found on the first floor of the Town Hall. To find it, simply head up the stairs from the ground floor and go to the office which has the key as shown below displayed on the wall.

Objective: Enter the tunnels

Return to the trapdoor and enter, this will take you to a solo instance in which the rest of the mission takes place.

Tier 2

Objctive: Explore the tunnels

As you enter there will be an intersection straight ahead of you.


Choose the tunnel to your left, follow it to the next intersection and head left again, then head right and you should be facing a door, read the plaque on the wall which reads “Oculus, rara avis”


Here is the solution.

This is Latin and translates into “Eye, rare bird” beneath the plaque on the same wall you will see four symbols, use the Illuminati pyramid (The eye) and the phoenix symbol (A rare bird) and the door will open.

Tier 3

Objective: Explore the tomb

Head inside and you wills ee a coffin in the centre of the room.


Open the coffin and take all its contents, but do not pull the lever as this will close the door behind you.

If you did pull the lever, head up the stairs to the right and exit through the door, this will place you in the Kingsmouth cemetery, so you will have to re-enter the tunnels through the trapdoor on Main Street.

Objective: Unlock the southern door

Return to the entrance of the tunnels, but head straight ahead from the tunnels you were just in, this will bring you to another locked door, as with the previous one, you will have to use the correct symbols to unlock it, read the plaque.


Here is the solution that opens this door.

Use the pyramid symbol (Khufu who was a pharaoh), and then the mason symbol to unlock the door.

Tier 4

Objective: Explore the southern tunnels

In the first room you will find a locked door, some letters on the floor and an old note, read the note to recieve the clue for this puzzle.


Below are a few hints, and then the solution.

In mathematics, a score equals 20, two score and first is therefore the same as the 41st.
A psalm is often related to the Bible, perhaps this Jerome is a figure from there?
St. Jerome is credited for being the first to translate the Bible into Latin.
The first word in Psalm 41:8 in latin is “Abyssus” and thus you have your keyword. Type it in by stepping on the respective letter on the floor, be sure to jump on the S in order to spell out the double S in “Abyssus“.

If you get a letter wrong, the room will be filled with poisonous gas which will deal constant damage, exit the room and wait 10 seconds for the damage over time effect to expire and the room to clear itself of the poisonous gas.

Once this is done, your objective will not update, but you will be presented with a new musical puzzle, there are two clues to assist you, the first one is a note on the floor which reads:


And secondly there is a sheet of notes on the wall


Here is the solution to this puzzle.

To unlock the door, do the following

1) Pull the 2nd lever and use the “A” organ pipe.
2) Pull the 1st lever (don’t worry about the 2nd lever), then use the “E” organ pipe.
3) Pull the 3rd lever and use the “E” organ pipe again.
4) Leave the 3rd lever up and use the “G” organ pipe.
5) Use the “G” organ pipe once more.

As with the previous puzzle, if you get any of this wrong, the room will fill with poisonous gas

Once done, the door will open and you will be presented with yet another puzzle.


Below you wil find a few hints, and then the solution.

There is no clue in this room, so if you want it you will have to return to the entrance stairs, head through the doorway straight ahead of the stairs and then follow the tunnel to the left, you will see an old book on the ground.
The book reads: “A man who seeks Enlightenment shall set himself in Motion: He shall show appreciation for the Exertions of his fellows, And make as a Church-Going Man does before Holy Symbols. He shall show Great Disdain for the Trappings of Old Empire, And avert his Gaze from schemes Coiled and Chaotic.
“He shall show appreciation for the Exertions of his fellows” – Stand in front of the discos throwing statue and type /clap

Then, the next one:

“And make as a Church-Going Man does before Holy Symbols” – Stand before the angel statue and type /pray

Then the third one

 “He shall show Great Disdain for the Trappings of Old Empire” – Type /spit while standing in front of the soldier statue.

And finally…

“And avert his Gaze from schemes Coiled and Chaotic.” – Stand in front of the statue of the serpent and type /covereyes

Tier 5

Objective: Explore the tomb of Solomon Priest

Enter the tomb through the door, once down the stairs you will see the coffin in front of you.


Look behind the coffin, there will be a skeleton and a note, read the note.


Tier 6

Objective: Return to Kingsmouth

Exit the tunnels through the entrance stairs or the graveyard masoleum.

Congratulations, mission complete!

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