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The Binding

Posted by Vomher on July 25, 2017
Last updated by Vomher on February 18, 2021
Zone Starting Location Rewards
City of the Sun God Houy (298,730) XP

1 259 685

PAX35 000  BB4
More Less Jump to:



Objective: Seek out the unusual visitor

Head out of Houy’s monument and to the left will be a falcon patiently waiting for you. Talk to the bird.

“The High Priest of Amun despairs of his sacrifice. His hope must be restored. Mark well the gazes of all the gods, even the false one. Where their sights cross you will find the places he buried his duty and his shame.”
– The Falcon


Objective: Find part of what the High Priest buried

Objective: Find part of what the High Priest buried

Objective: Find part of what the High Priest buried

Objective: Find part of what the High Priest buried

Objective: Find part of what the High Priest buried

Picture of Map Coming Soon! Sorry!

Head Piece

On the convergence of Nefertari the Younger and Hemitneter is the head piece at (56,468).


Upper Staff Piece

The upper staff piece is clutched tightly in a scientist’s dying grasp (74,952) between Hemitneter and Houy’s combined sight.


Middle Staff Piece

In the gaze of the false one and Thutmose sits the Middle Staff Piece (709,308).


Lower Staff Piece

Moutnefert and Hemitneter look upon the Lower Staff Piece at (53,441).



Surrounding by some scavenging cultists (647,826) betwixt Thutmose and Nefertari.


Objective: Recreate the Staff of Amun

Place the pieces in the appropriate orientation.



Objective: Use the Staff of Amun

Right click the staff in your inventory

Staff: There is always a hidden centre. The priest buried his staff in the corners for at the centre is the chamber of eternal sun. This is where Amun’s staff will reveal to you the past.


Objective: Find where to use the Staff of Amun

The voice says that in the center is the chamber of eternal sun and that the staff pieces were buried in each corner.

In the middle of the pieces is (407, 664). (map?) Head there.



Objective: Use the Staff of Amun

Return to and click the staff in your inventory. This will trigger a cutscene.



Objective: Speak to Hemitneter

Head over to Hemitneter (47,271). Getting close to the front of the monument will trigger another cinematic.


Objective: Uncover the means stored in Hemitneter’s Monument

To your right as you enter will be a Hollow Spear you can interact with. Doing so will cause it to go into your inventory.


The spear is hollow. Disassemble it to find out what’s inside.


Objective: Investigate the papyrus

Right click on the papyrus scroll from your inventory.



Objective: Unlock the western portion of the pyramid

The western portion is up in the middle of the pyramid’s western side, so you’ll have to find a way to get there before you can unlock it.


Either run up the pyramid at an angle or head to the front of the pyramid, jump to its line of statues, and run around on that elevation. You will not fall when you continue to walk off the platform around the pyramid.


The Western Chamber (708,393) is locked, however you will find various hieroglyphics around it that you can interact with. Each set has a different combination of familiar symbols.

Look back at the papyrus scroll.

Use the correct hieroglyphs that most closely match.

Warning – Using the wrong hieroglyphs causes two Guardians of the Black Pyramid to spawn and attack you.

The matching hieroglyphs as shown by the scroll are found at (713,358).

Objective: Enter the western chamber

Open the door and get inside.


Objective: Investigate the western chamber

To the right is an Egyptian fresco – one of the only things in the chamber. Use it.



Objective: Unlock the southern portion of the pyramid

As with before, climb past the ledge and inch your way to the southern side of the pyramid around (783,349).


The door is also locked, so find the appropriate hieroglyphs.

The matching glyphs are at (750,335).

Objective: Enter the southern chamber

Open the southern door.


Objective: Investigate the southern chamber

The only thing of interest in the chamber is another fresco on the right side.



Objective: Unlock the eastern portion of the pyramid

Follow the edge of the pyramid to find the eastern chamber (826,424).


Continue routine hieroglyph scouting.

At (840,400) is the proper hieroglyphs.

Objective: Enter the eastern chamber

Open the door to the Eastern Chamber and go in.


Objective: Investigate the eastern chamber

Unlike last time, the fresco is on the left wall.



Objective: Unlock the northern portion of the pyramid

Go to the front of the pyramid and find the correct combination.


Hieroglyphic scrolls are your friends.

The northern entrance is unlocked by the hieroglyphs at (768,480).

Objective: Find a way to the secret passage

Enter the pyramid. As with the chambers, there are things on the left and right. However, they aren’t frescoes. Only one of them works.


Use the Hidden Passage on the left.



Objective: Find the entrance to the secret chamber

Trek through the hidden passage to eventually be led to a very big door (757,450).


Objective: Enter the pinnacle

Right click the door to enter the Pinnacle.


Objective: Unlock the secrets hidden in the pinnacle

In the middle of the room sit three busts sitting on pedestals: Nefertiti, Ahkenaten, and Tutankhamen.


Farther inside are empty bases for three objects – the busts.

The Journal entry for this tier states that “Their lineage was their salvation. The son proved stronger than the father, and the mother was a bridge between them”.
Tutankhamen – right; Nefertiti – Middle; Ahkenaten – left

Objective: Examine the fresco

Examine the new fresco that has appeared to replace the previous one.


Objective: Take the golden ram-headed sphinx

When you turn around to leave, there will be a new statue in the middle pedestal. It’s the same exact one that was in the fresco. Pick it up.



Objective: Deliver the sphinx to the High Priest to restore his faith

Make way to Ptahmose (343,91). Approaching him will trigger a cutscene as well as deliver the sphinx.


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