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O Tempora! O Mores!

Posted by Vikestart on September 15, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on August 3, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Scorched Desert Remains (300,580) XP74 800 PAX10 000  BB10
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This mission is inside the Sol Glorificus instance which happens to only be available during A Time to Every Purpose.

Tier 1

Objective: Free the blood sacrifices in the oasis

Find 4 blood sacrifices and click on them. You will them kneeling on various locations around the water in the oasis. Most of them will be a guarded by a Born Monstrosity.


Objective: Steal Roman weapons

Objective: Steal Roman supplies

You will find some weapons and supplies by the entrance to the city and in the hallways inside, as well as within the large open part of the city. You should end up there eventually.


Objective: Find the sacrifice within the city walls

Assuming that you’re standing in the large open area of the city, look at the minimap for the route to the sacrifice. Be careful, you will have to cross a hallway patrolled by a guard, so be sure to time it right.


Objective: Give the supplies and weapons to the sacrifice within the city

Simply click on one of the sacrifices and they will all take off in a hurry.

Tier 2

Objective: Find the devourer

Exit the city and approach the water in the middle of the oasis. Once you step out into the water, a spider-like create will reveal itself. Kill it to complete the mission.


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