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The City Beneath Us

Posted by Vikestart on September 15, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on August 3, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Scorched Desert Saïd (830,600) XP498 690 PAX25 000  BB15
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Tier 1

Objective: Learn about local history and possible dig sites

Head to Cafe Giza (565,450) and ask Zhara about Local history.


Objective: Find a way to access the foundations of al-Merayah

Go to the location marked on the map (470,325) and click on the door.


Objective: Explore the excavation

Once inside, go through the first entrance to the left. The continued path is pretty linear and obvious.

NOTE! In order to obtain the Whip, find and kill an Atenist Excavation Supervisor and loot him. You will not be able to use that bullwhip, but it is needed for later so you can convert it into an anima infused whip that you can use.


Keep moving further into the excavation site. You might want to pick up the side mission Know Them By Their Works along the way. Eventually, you will get a phone call from Saïd.

Objective: Move deeper into the excavation site

Once you move a little further into the excavation site, Saïd will come to join you on your journey.


Objective: Bring Saïd to the Time Tomb

Be sure to stay close to Saïd or he will not move. Keep following him until you reach another Time Tomb.


Objective: Find and acquire the Ark

Head northwest into the room behind the Time Tomb as dispayed on the map.

The far side of the room is protected by an inpenetrable barrier. In order to disable it, step on the buttons highlighted in the picture below:


Once you deactive the barrier, the large creature will attack you. What you do with it is not important, but you should kill it. Anyway, get the Ark from the altar on the far side of the room.

Objective: Return to the Time Tomb

Return to Saïd with the broken Ark to finish this mission.


This mission automatically starts The City Before Us upon completion!

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