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The Last Train to Cairo

Posted by Vikestart on October 4, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on August 3, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Scorched Desert Nassir (900,310) XP598 410 PAX30 000  BB15
More Less Jump to:


Tier 1

Objective: Get the keys to the jeep

The keys can be found on the box behind Nassir. Pick them up and a cutscene will trigger. Make sure to watch these cutscenes as the tension between Nassir and Saïd is hillarious!

After the first cutscene, you will be faced with a loading screen and yet another cutscene.

Tier 2

Objective: Advance to the locomotive

Just keep moving forward and take out the enemies in your way.


Eventually, you will reach a ladder. Climb it.


After that, just continue moving forward again taking out enemies in your way until you arrive at a door that requires a keycard to be opened.


You will need to turn around and head inside of the previous train car. There should be about four enemies inside; take them out and pick up the Green Keycard from the table.


Now, head back to the sealed door and open it by using the Keycard Reader. Then get moving again. Eventually, you will reach a dead end, although there will be a door to the right that you can open. There is a ladder behind it. Climb it and get going again.


You will reach another dead end, although there will be a rod mounted to the outside of the train car that you can use to get to the other side. Click on the railing to climb it.


Keep climing towards the other side. Notice how one of the cultists is performing a familiar dance ;)


Once you’re in on the other side, get moving again and you will arrive at a locked door. Click on it and you will trigger an alarm. Don’t worry, this is part of the misison.

Atenists will keep attacking you one by one in multiple waves. Just stand near the door. Eventually, one of the wagons will be bombed by a helicopter and burst out in flames. The flames will come closer and closer to you, and at one point the door behind you will open. Head inside and kill the spawned enemy.


After that, head over to the tank and use it to proceed to the next stage.


You are now inside of a tunnel. Get moving again and kill everyone who stands in your way.

Somewhere inside the wagons, you will find a keycard behind a tipepd table as shown below:


Pick it up as you will need it to proceed. Open the sealed door and get moving again. Use the objects to jump up and access the roof of the wagon ahead. Beware of the tunnel lights!


You will get to a wagon without a roof. Jump down and keep moving forward!

Eventually you will find a ladder on the left side inside one of the wagons. It will take you to the roof.


More obstacles head! Avoid and jump as you make your way towards the front of the locomotive!


Keep going. Jump on the objects and continue running on the wagon roofs.


Eventually, you will reach a roofless wagon. There will be a mini-boss there. Take him out. Don’t worry about dying. If you die, you will spawn right there again.


Once you finish him off, you will enter the third and final stage of the train ride. Pick up the keycard the mini-boss dropped upon death and use it to unlock the door.


You will encounter a few enemies inside the wagon. Keep going until you reach another railing. Once again, climb it to reach the other side of the wagon.


You will be attacked by a few enemies once you’re inside of the other wagon. Dispatch of them and move on. Eventually, you will reach a ladder that is on the left side of the wagon. Climb it and be ready to avoid AoE attacks as soon as you’re on the roof.


As stated, you will be attacked by Abdel (AoE attacks). Avoid them and get to him. Once you attack him, he will immediately launch a cone attack. Be sure to avoid it as it will knock you back. It can knock you off the train causing you to die.


He will stun you and escape before you can take him down completely. Get moving again. Use the ladder on the right side of the next wagon to reach the roof. You will encounter Abdel again so be ready to avoid his AoE attacks.


He will escape by stunning you again. Once you’re able to move, destroy the glass on top of the wagon and head inside of it. There should be a keycard inside whichupi will need later.


Get moving again. Unlock the exit door by clicking the lock.


Jump on the objects outside to reach the roof of the next wagon. You will battle Abdel again.


Once again, he will escape before you can finish him off. Destroy the glass on top of the wagon and head inside to get the Red Keycard.

Then, unlock the exit door and use the ladder on the right side of the wagon. Don’t bother going forward yet, just climb the ladder and go back a couple of wagons. You will need to fetch the Golden Keycard.


Below is a picture of the entrance you’re looking for:


Head inside using both the Blue Keycard and the Red Keycard and pick up the Golden Keycard.


Now, keep moving towards the front of the locomotive again.


Unlock the last security door using the Golden Keycard, and climb the ladder inside (right side).


Objective: Defeat Abdel Daoud

Now, it’s time to finish off that troublemaker Abdel! Head to the roof and overthrow him.


Objective: Stop the train

Once Abdel is dead, break the glass on top of the wagon and head inside it. Destroy the joint to disconnect the wagons from the locomotive and finish the mission.


Congratulations! You have now completed the story chain of Issue 6! You should now move on to do the daily missions given by the Envoy of Ca’ d’Oro found in the tent near Nassir.

The first time you complete Issue 6, you will be given a short action mission, The Council Crossing, which will award you a free custom QL10.1 Head Talisman.
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