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I Walk Into Empty

Posted by Vikestart on August 10, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on August 29, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Carpathian Fangs Within The Nursery XP

598 420

PAX20 000  BB15
More Less Jump to:


Tier 1

Objective: Find Emma

Walk towards the wall with several blue-themed monitors on it. The room will then fade out.

Once you are able to move freely outside the room, simply follow Emma.


Covert Cryptographer: On the bed in the computer room inside Emma’s cabin there’s a letter which you need to obtain the teddy bear


Walk towards Emma and watch a blast from the past. You’ll end up near the Breach.

Covert Cryptographer: There is another letter on the hood of the big truck


Follow the path to get closer to the Breach and jump into it.

Covert Cryptographer: In the trashcan behind a desk in the first puzzle room, you will find the third letter


As always, I encourage you to try the puzzle yourself, but if you’re unable to solve it, take a peak at the solution in the image below:


Once you complete the puzzle, the red entrance’s door will shine bright and open. Go through and stand the honeycomb. Move forward a little to trigger a path infront of you. To advance the mission, simply walk to the end of an assembling path and stand still (to fall down), but first:

Covert Cryptographer: This letter is the hardest one to obtain. You must assemble ALL the honeycomb paths then go back to the centre and go up the last path (The 6th path will assemble once you have assembled the 5 other paths! That’s where the letter will be)


When you fall down, you will end up outside a house that is on fire. Listen to the dialogue and go inside the house, but first:

Covert Cryptographer: You will find a letter in the sandbox behind the house. Grab it before entering the house!


Having entered the house, you ought to head upstairs, but first:

Remember to grab the lore piece in the dining room!
Covert Cryptographer: There is a letter in the open drawer in the dining room


Once upstairs, enter the hallway. It will expand in length.

Covert Cryptographer: Simply turn around in the ever-expanding hallway BEFORE it contracts again! It might be a little difficult to reach, but it is possible.


Eventually, you will get to a bedroom:

Tier 2

Objective: Wake up Emma

Inside the room at the end of the hallway there is a magnetic whiteboard. You will have to spell out a specific word using the magnetic lettes on the floor. If you’re having problems clicking on the letters and the whiteboard, try zooming the camera in a bit.

If you paid attention to the dialogues earlier in this mission, you have already heard the word that you need to spell out.

If you can’t figure out the solution, here it is:

You need to spell out the word Anima.
The Covert Cryptographer achievement is gained by spelling out TEDDY BEAR on the whiteboard before solving the main objective in this room.


Emma will haul you back to Agartha and a cutscene will initiate.

The first time you complete Issue 7, you will be given a short action mission, The Council Crossing, Part Two, which will award you a custom QL10.1 Neck Talisman.


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