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Chasing Bad Luck

Posted by Vikestart on June 4, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on July 24, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan Job Posting: Fuun (190,810) XP149 603 PAX10 000  BB6
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You should not attempt this mission before you have two of each AEGIS controller.

Tier 1

Objective: Defeat the wandering Fuun

Go to the Oni camps and locate Fuun. He can be found at several locations as he keeps teleporting around occassionally. Refer to the minimap in the image below for the four possible locations, marked with yellow dots.


Fuun will continuously make use of three attacks against you. For a detailed explanation of the fight and those attacks, continue reading below.

Meteor Shower
With this attack, Fuun spawns numerous AoE circles on the ground that deals a fair amount of damage if you get hit. You normally don’t need to waste an impair on this attack as it is very easy to avoid the circles just by running around and dodging.


Occassionally, Fuun will disappear and reappear again. Once he reappears, a fast AoE circle will be deployed on the ground at your feet. It is imperative that you interrupt or avoid this attack as it will deal a fair amount of damage and stun you at the same time. The stunning will leave you vulnerable to further ground attacks.


This circular ground AoE attack deals a fair amount of damage and should be interrupted with an impair or avoided by running and dodging.


Fuun will continue with this rotation until either one of you are dead. Remember to don’t move around too much, so that you don’t tip off other enemies in the area. That might prove too much to handle.

The mission ends once the wandering Fuun has been defeated.

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