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Posted by Vikestart on July 13, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on August 5, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan Hyakumonogatari Heights (850,440) XP299 210 PAX15 000  BB


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Once you have completed the entire story arc from this issue, you can replay this mission from the start location shown above.


Tier 1

Objective: Travel to the address provided

This objective is only present in the first playthrough of this mission as you get this mission the first time when exiting Zeroes Wild Pachinko after the Pachinko Model story mission. Go to the Hyakumonogatari Heights building which is marked on the map.

Objective: Enter Hyakumonogatari Heights

Enter the building through the blue doors on the southwest side of the building.


Objective: Reach Yuichi’s floor

This building’s interior is now quite similar to that of a labyrint….. and there are traps! The first trap is the electrified water on the ground ahead.

In order to obtain the achievement Home Alone, you must get to Yuichi’s apartment without suffering a single trap. This is one of the hardest achievements in Issue 9 seeing as there are quite a number of traps and most of them are well hidden. This walkthrough will warn you about most of them.


Halfway through the corridor, there is a fuse box that you can use to turn off the electricity, thereby neutralising the electrified water.

Population of Filth: This side mission fits perfectly with your adventure inside this building. Make sure to pick it up.


Make your way to the end of the hallway, then go up the staircase to the right. Watch out for the trap. There is a tripwire on the ground that sends a paint bucket flying towards you.


Once on the second floor, take left and proceed forward. Beware of the marbles on the ground as you will trip on them if you run or jog. Turn on walking mode with the backspace keyboard key and walk gently across them.


Once across the field of marbles, take a left and head upstairs. Beware of the rakes on the ground. Also, beware of new painting buckets in the staircase.


Be careful when you get to the third floor. There is a set of potato launchers on the right side of the hallway that might hit you. Study their shooting pattern and time your movements.

In order to get the black lore piece The Black Signal 3, you need to take a left and run to the opposide side of the corridor from where the potato launchers are. Then head downstairs to the second floor and it will be in one of the first rooms there, protected by an evolved Filth monster (Screenshot)


If you have the lore piece, move towards the potato launchers quickly and hurry inside the room with an open door.


Inside the room, cross over to the adjacent room through the destroyed wall, then exit that room through its front door. Beware of the electrified handle. Disable that trap by interacting with the fuse box first.


The potato launchers will still be able to hit you outside the door, but time our movements again and you should be able to get past them just fine.

You will get to another staircase, go upstairs. Look out for more paint bucket traps.

To get the buzzing lore piece The Black Signal 9, go down the staircase. It will be there halfway down the staircase (Screenshot)


On the next floor, make your way through the hallway to the next staircase. Go down that staircase, but beware of the marbles. Hit backspace to turn on walking mode.


Once on the new floor, take a left and make your way over the gap by stepping on the wood planks. Be careful as it is possible to fall down. Make your way to the end of the corridor.


There is some kind of goo on the floor. It will substantially limit your ability to move. The evolved Filth mob there cannot move. It might be hard to fight because it easily resets and thereby resets its AEGIS shields and health. In order to avoid this, make sure to face it all the time and do not use impairs, at least not the ones that attempt to move enemies.


At the next staircase, go halfway up and head towards the elevator. There will be a broom blocking entrance to the elevator. Destroy it.

The buzzing lore piece The Black Signal 10 is down this staircase instead. Go down the staircase and pick it up (Screenshot)


Then enter the elevator by pressing the call button to the right of the elevator doors. Once inside the elevator, use the button for the 5th floor. This will take you back to the Kaidan zone on the floor where Yuichi’s apartment is located.

Objective: Approach the apartment door

Simply approach the apartment’s entrance door and a cutscene will play. This marks the end of this mission and the storyline of the Issue 9 DLC. The first time you complete this mission, you will be able to select a custom QL10.1 Finger Talisman.


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