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The Ghost Lord

Posted by Vikestart on June 4, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on July 24, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan Job Posting: Daimyo (190,810) XP149 603 PAX10 000  BB6
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You should not attempt this mission before you have two of each AEGIS controller.

Tier 1

Objective: Hunt the Daimyo

Go to the north-eastern part of the city, to the area marked on the map. Daimyo is not standing still, so it could be anywhere within the marked area.


Here is a comprehensive guide for all his attacks:

Cone Attack
Make sure to avoid this attack as it deals a fair amount of damage. You should not need to waste impairs on this one, just run or dodge out of the area of effect.


Frontal Rectangle Attack
The same goes for this attack. Make sure to avoid it, simply by doging or runnig out if it.


Circular AoE Attack
This one is a bit harder to avoid, so this is the one that you can use an impair to stop. The circle is quite large, but if you use a dash attack or stay on the move all the time, you should be able to get out of the circle.


Spawning Adds
The Daimyo will spawn two adds every now and then. They are basic spectres.


The Adds Spawning More Adds
However, once the spectres have spawned, they will each spawn some kind of floating heads with a constantly damaging area around them, and they will move towards you. Be sure to avoid those as they deal an extreme amount of damage and will kill you fast.


The mission ends once the Daimyo has been defeated.

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