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The Pachinko Model

Posted by Vikestart on June 18, 2014
Last updated by Vomher on August 17, 2016
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan Daimon Kiyota (445,815) XP398 970 PAX20 000  BB


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Once you have completed the entire story arc from this issue, you can replay this mission from the start location shown above.


Tier 1

Objective: Locate Inbeda’s informant Yamato

Head inside Zeroes Wild Pachinko at (470,805) and upstairs to Daimon Kiyota’s office.

Tier 2

Objective: Use the pachinko machine in Daimon’s office

The pachinko machine is located to the left of the window in the room. Interact with it and an animated window will appear. It will take a few seconds for the machine to do its thing and the mission objective to update.


Objective: Examine the pachinko balls

Interact with the middle part of the pachinko machine. This will make an image of the pachinko balls show up. The balls each have a number that together forms a series of numbers. Could this be a phone number?


Objective: Use Daimon’s phone to call the number

The phone is the circular table in the middle of the room. If you closed the image with the number in it, you can find it in your mission journal (J) under Tier 2, Show Image.


Objective: Find the address of the Fear Nothing Foundation

Use the telephone catalogue on the same table.


Objective: Visit the downtown office of the Fear Nothing Foundation

Go to the location marked on the map. Enter the FNF building.


Tier 3

Objective: Find a way to turn on the power

Once you’re in the building, you should spot a shadow. You will need to follow this one.

Fear Nothing Foundation #1: In the first room, it’s visible from the moment you entered the building.


Dear Diary: You should pick up this side mission as it only available while in this instance with this story mission active. Please refer to the walkthrough for this side mission for an overview of all the note locations.

Go to the other side of the large hall, towards the area with the staircase. You should see a open fusebox. Interact with it.


Objective: Find a replacement fuse for the fuse box

You should see the shadow standing in the staircase. Keep following it to the second floor.


It will lead you to a room on the second floor. Go as far into that room as you can. There should be a replacement fuse on the last shelf.


Objective: Put the fuse in the fuse box

Get back to the fuse box on the first floor. However, beware of the ghost standing next to it. You will need to overcome this ghost.


Once the ghost evades and flies away, put the replacement fuse in the fuse box to restore power to the building.

Tier 4

Objective: Investigate the Fear Nothing Foundation

Head into the office room, the one with the glass wall and the computers inside it. Interact with the computer on the far side of the room.


Objective: Find the password to the computer

First of all, use the computer to unlock the doors on the first floor.

Feel free to explore the various rooms if you want to try to find it on your own.

If not, head for the exercise room, and enter the door furthest away.


It’s a wardrobe, and so there are quite a few lockers in that room. The password note will be inside one of the lockers, however, which one it is seems to be random from time to time, so you will just have to keep opening lockers until you find it.

On a side note, you should open all the lockers anyway because sometimes a t-shird will be inside, which will be added to your wardrobe when used. There are a few different t-shirts.

Fear Nothing Foundation #5 is in on the floor, in the middle of this room.


One of the lockers will have the password note inside it. Pick it up.


Objective: Access the password protected files in the computer

Return to the computer and select the option to access the elevator. The computer will ask for the password. Simply input the password you found.


Objective: Reveal the elevator

After that, select the first option to confirm the elevator access request.

Objective: Enter the elevator

A bookcase will slide across the wall and reveal a hidden elevator. Open the elevator doors by pressing the button on the left side.


Objective: Use the elevator to go to the 2nd floor

Once inside the elevator, simply press the button with the number 2 on it.


Tier 5

Objective: Explore the 2nd floor office

The first thing you should notice is that there is another computer in here.

Fear Nothing Foundation #3 is located in the corner of this office


Objective: Find the key to the drawer

First of all, make sure to unlock all doors on the second floor by using that option in the computer interface.

As for the key, its location is random so there is no obvious solution to provide here. The sticky note in the computer interface reveals the possible locations:

1. The restroom on the second floor
2. The cinema room on the second floor
3. The restroom on the first floor

Still, it is recommended that you open all doors that can be opened anyway, to find the hidden lore pieces and documents.

There are multiple lore pieces on this floor, in various rooms.


Objective: Unlock the drawer in the 2nd floor office

Return to the desk in the office and unlock the drawer by clicking on it.


Objective: Get the 3rd floor key card

Get the keycard from the drawer.

Objective: Go to the 3rd floor

Enter the hidden elevator again. In order to unlock the button for the third floor, use the keycard reader next to the buttons first.

Tier 6

Objective: Investigate the 3rd floor office

On the right side of the room, there is another desk with a computer on it and a drawer attached to it. Interact with the drawer to proceed.


Objective: Find the key to the 3rd floor drawer

A ghost will barge into the office and fly through it. Avoid its path or you will die. You cannot stop the entity’s movement.


Anyway, exit to the hallway. The key to the drawer will be under an object in one of the many rooms in the hallway. However, once again the location of the key is completely random and therefore I am unable to provide a definite solution.

It seems that you will never find the key under the first object you interact with, no matter what as the game will want you to hide from Sachiko.

There are multiple lore pieces on this floor. Make sure to check every room.

Objective: Find a place to hide

Once you interact with an object in an attempt to search for the key below it, Sachiko, the ghost entity, will enter the room.

Do not attempt to kill Sachiko! She is virtually impossible to defeat as she will instantly kill you by hitting you for around 50 000 damage. She is also immune to impairs.


Objective: Wait for Sachiko to leave

Just wait for her to go away. She might come around to where you’re hiding. If she does that, you just need to go around the other way and make sure she doesn’t see you.

Objective: Continue searching for the key

Continue searching until you find it. Every time you examine an object to check if the key is there, Sachiko will enter the room. Make sure to find a place to hide every time.

Spectres #11 can be found in one of the many offices while searching for the key.

Objective: Unlock the drawer in the 3rd floor office

Eventually, you will have found the key. Head back to the office and unlock the drawer.


Objective: Get the gold key card

Get the gold key card from the open drawer.

Objective: Enter the elevator

Step inside the hidden elevator once again.

Objective: Go to the top floor

In order to unlock the button for the top floor, you must use the keycard reader first. After that, you may use the button.

Tier 7

Objective: Investigate the top level

There is another computer in this office on the top floor, but you are not to use that one.

Fear Nothing Foundation #8 is behind the computer desk.

Exit the office to the large hall. You should see an inner room in the centre. This is where you need to go. Interact with the doors to open them.

Fear Nothing Foundation #3 is in at the other end of the large hall, in a corner.


Interact with the laptop on the table.


Objective: Survive the ghosts

The doors will close and ghosts will start spawning. Defeat them. Every time you kill them, another wave with even more ghosts will spawn. They don’t automatically come for you to kill you, so you can take it easy and fight a few of them at once if you wish.

KNOWN BUG: Sometimes the ghosts get stuck at 16 HP and the mission will not advance. If this happens to you, you will need to die to reset the encounter, then try over again.


Objective: Defeat the Sum of Fears

After a few waves, a boss monster called The Sum of Fears spawns as a result of all the ghosts forming that entity. Make sure to have some impair abilities ready for this encounter as this monster makes use of an extremely deadly channelled ground AoE attack.


This is the ground AoE attack that you should interrupt with an impair, or at least avoid.


Objective: Get info from the computer

Once that hideous thing has perished, return to the laptop and interact with it.


Objective: Return to Daimon Kiyota

Parts of the glass floor will crack open, which allows you to quickly jump down to the first floor, but you can ride the elevator if you want instead.

Anway, exit the building and return to Daimon Kiyota inside Zeroes Wild Pachinko.


Objective: Find the common link in what has been discovered so far

Just head outside the Zeroes Wild Pachinko building and you will get a phone call from your faciton handler, who has some new information for you.


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