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The Right of Way

Posted by Vikestart on June 4, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on August 29, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kaidan Gozen (275,555) XP598 430 PAX30 000  BB


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Once you have completed the entire story arc from this issue, you can replay this mission from the start location shown above.


Tier 1

Objective: Examine the House Markings

Objective: Examine Gozen’s notes

Both of them can be found behind Gozen, on the wall and on the desk.


Objective: Go to the Oni camps

The location is marked on the map. The Oni camps are located in the far north-western corner of the map. The entrance to that area is just north-east of the Bathhouse.


Objective: Retrieve a sashimono from an Oni soldier

Approach Yagyo-san the Rider and defeat him. Onis can be quite difficult to go up against, make sure you avoid the circular AoE ground attack that throws you into the air as they tend to cast another ground attack while you are in the air and cannot move.


Once you defeat Yagyo-san, you will obtain his banner, which will be mounted to your back. If you leave the Oni camp area, the banner will go away until you come back.


Objective: Acquire a sashimono from the next tier

Go to the Demonic gong that is marked on the map with a cross. You will have to use the gong to summon the next Oni soldier with a sashimono.


Once you use the gong, the Oni solider comes out of a portal and spawns his sashimono a few seconds later. Defeat the Oni soldier to obtain the higher ranking sashimono.


Objective: Acquire a sashimono from the next highest tier

Repeat the same process. The next Demonic gong is also marked on the map. Remember that the Oni soldier will not attack you immediately when spawned; you have to approach him to start the fight.


Objective: Defeat Ibaraki, the leader of the House of Sworn Revenge

Go down to the lower Oni camp area to the north by the waters. You can get there by going down the stairway instead of going around, but be careful as that stairway is crowded with hostile Onis. Again, use the nearby gong to summon the target.


Then battle Ibaraki, the leader of the House of Sworn Revenge.


You will not get to defeat Ibaraki at this point as he will take off when low on health, which suggests that you are to follow him somewhere.

Tier 2

Objective: Pursue Ibaraki into the sewers

See that big red-glowing tube in the image above? That is where you have to go. Simply step into the tube to get inside.

Objective: Explore the sewers

Once inside, start making your way deeper into the sewers.

Hell of a Blow: Not far from the entrance, you will find a sidemisison that you should pick up as you can only enter the sewers with this mission active.

Eventually, you will enter a big room. You should have spotted by Ibaraki by now, who runs away as soon as you approach the room.


Head towards the gate that he went through. You will be ambushed by a hostile Oni.

Tier 3

Objective: Defeat the ambush

Kill off the ambush. Watch out for the incredibly fast ground attacks. A good strategy is to run around all the time whilst in combat and keep at least 1-2 metres distance between you and the Oni. This will allow you to escape the ground attacks much easier.


Objective: Pick up the device

Pick up the Demonic device dropped by the demised Oni.


Objective: Use the device

The device is in your inventory. Click on it to activate it. The device will spawn a temporary portal in front of you.


Objective: Enter the portal

The portal will close itself after a short while, so enter it quickly. You will end up in the Hell dimension which looks almost exactly like the earthly dimension, except for a few details.

Hell of a Blow: This room contains two of the explosive spots. Consider placing down those explosives before moving on with the story mission. To view the rest of the locations for the explosives, please look at the guide for this side misison.

Objective: Locate Ibaraki

You can use this mechanic to get past obstacles in your way. To start off, the gate that Ibaraki went through in the earthly dimension does not exist in the Hell dimension. Make your way through that corridor.

Just up ahead your path will be blocked by a wall of flames. Please note that the Demonic device in your inventory can only take you to the Hell dimension, but not back to earth. You will have to use stationary portal stabilisers to get back to earth. There is one in front of the wall of flames. Use it to get back to the earthly plane so you can move on.


You will encounter the same situation further up ahead again. This time the path is blocked by extremely dangerous filth substances. Use the Demonic device to travel to the Hell dimension once more to get past this obstacle.


When you enter Hell this time, you will encounter a new obstacle mechanism. Spiky rods will block the path in intervals. You can get past them when they pull back, but be careful. If they hit you, you will die instantenously. Time your movement correctly.


Go up the stairway to the right to advance further into the sewers.

There is a lore piece at the end of the corridor that you should pick up before you up the stairway to the right.

When you reach the top of the stairway, you will see that the corridor leading to the right is blocked by a wall of flames. At the end of the corridor to the left, there is a portal stabiliser that can take you back to the earthly plane so you can get past this.


Continue along the now unblocked corridor. When you reach the top, take a right. You will see Ibaraki standing at the end of the corridor.


When you approach him, he will run over the bridge and deeper into the sewers. A big part of the unstable metal bridge falls down after Ibaraki has crossed over, thus you will not be able to press forward on the earthy plane. Deploy a portal using the Demonic device.

Now comes a platform based puzzle.


Use the small platforms to get to the bigger platform in the middle of the room. The small platforms periodically shift to a different position. If the purple light on top of a platform is blinking, that means it is going to move in a few seconds. Make sure to get off those platforms or else you will fall down.

Avoid falling down to obtain the Dignity Intact achievement.

If you fall down, you will spawn at the top again and you will have to do this puzzle over again. You don’t actually need to jump that much if you time your movement correctly, as most of the small platforms hover close to each other.

Once you have reached the bigger levitating platform, defeat the Onis there and use the portal stabiliser to deploy a portal to the earthly plane, as you cannot get to the other side in the hell dimension.


You will spawn on the bridge. Be careful as to not fall down in order to get the achievement mentioned earlier. Once you have reached the other side and the new corridor, your path will once again be blocked by a locked gate. You should know pretty well how to handle these obstacles by now.


Once back in hell, you will encounter more of the spiky rod obstacles, but this time there are more of them and the last few ones are extremely fast. The recommended method to get past these is to turn off sprint and move as close to the rods as you can when they are out. Just keep holding the key to move forward so that once they retract, your character starts jogging past it immediately. Repeat this process until you are past all of them.


Up ahead, take a right again and head up the stairway… except this time a fiery rock will come rolling down, so turn around go back fast.


At the end of the corridor down there, there is a portal stabiliser that you can use to get back to the earthly dimension.


Once on the earthly plane, head up the stairway. A big rock will come rolling down the stairs, similarily to the one in hell, but there is one difference: this rock won’t be jammed at the bottom of the stairway. Thus, just head down again, let the rock roll past you, then head up the stairway again.

At the top, you take a right. You should see a corridor cluttered with lasers and mines. Obviously, you cannot just walk through that, but as a hint, I suggest that you pay careful attention to the details of the traps.


Use the Demonic device to go to hell. You will discover that there is some sort of a trap there as well, however, there is a way to get past this one.


Here is a hint if you are stuck:

Pay attention to the pattern of the mines on the earthly plane

And here is the solution for how to get past the pressure plates:


Up ahead there will be another portal stabiliser that you must use to get back to the earthly plane as the path ahead in hell is blocked.

There is a lore piece at the end of this corridor in hell.


Once on the earthly plane, you should see Ibaraki at the end of the corridor. When you approach him, he will run off and jump into a portal leading to hell.

Pursue him, and when you reach the end of the corridor, a cutscene will play as you deploy a portal to hell that takes you to Ibaraki.


Objective: Defeat Ibaraki

You have been hunting for this assassin for too long! Time to finish him off. Ibaraki will use a lot of ground AoE attacks, so keep running around while attacking him. Impairs are handy if you need to interrupt an attack quickly or if you need some breathing room.

Infernal Eruption
When Ibaraki is low on health, he will go to the centre of the platform and start casting the Infernal Eruption attack, which is a ground attack that will cover entire platform. You MUST interrupt this attack with an impair or the consequences will be severe.


Objective: Examine the assassination contract

When you kill off Ibaraki, he drops an assassination contract. Pick it up.

Objective: Return to Gozen

Use the portal stabiliser at the end of this big levitating rock to return to the earthly plane once and for all.


You will spawn on the damaged bridge again. Simply jump down from it to get to the entrance of the sewers faster. Don’t worry about the achievement as it is okay to fall down at this point. Make your way to the exit.


Once back in Kaidan, make your way to the Jingu clan and Gozen. The location is marked on the minimap. Another cutscene will trigger when you get there. Make sure to watch those cutscenes as they are terrific!


Tier 4

Objective: Speak with the demon Inbeda at the bathhouse

Go to the bathhouse located in the northwestern part of the map, just next to the hostile Oni camps. At the far end of the bathhouse, you will find Inbeda.


The next story mission, Contract Killers, will initiate when you approach Inbeda.

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