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Black Helicopters

Posted by Chaosetor on August 7, 2013
Last updated by Chaosetor on October 14, 2014
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kingsmouth Ann Radcliffe (388,988) XP103 380 PAX7 500  BB2
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Tier 1

Objective: Sneak past the security perimiter

Go to (679,852) there will be a tunnel there, go inside.


Tier 2

Objective: Get into the Orochi camp

Head inside the tunnels, there will be a Draug there, kill it. Once it is dead, use one of the two bodies in the tunnel (the one that matches your character’s sex). You will receive an Orochi uniform, which will be placed in your inventory, use it to put it on. While the uniform does not make you impossible to detect, it greatly reduces the distance at which you will be detected. You will also receive a security code, 739241, it is wise to write the code down somewhere as you will be thrown back into the tunnels if detected. Exit through either barrier by entering the code on the nearby keypad, I will be writing this guide from exiting through the barrier on the opposite side of the tunnel as the bodies and the Draug.


Tier 3

The following three objectives can be done in any order.

Objective: Download an occult report

Once through the barrier, jump onto the ledge of the centre, and circle around to the other side while avoiding the Orochi agents’s line of sight as much as possible.


Once on the other side, sneak behind the two Orochi agents. They will have their backs turned towards you, and thus will not be able to detect you. Keep heading towards the helicopter.


Once you reach the helicopter, simply circle around to the other side of it. Once on the other side, head towards the green container.


Before reaching the container, turn right and head over to the laptops and download the first report.


Objective: Download an autopsy report

Head on back to the helicopter and circle back around to the other side. Once there, drop down to the centre area again, and enter the tunnel as seen below.


As you enter, you should see that the area is swarming with Orochi. Secret compounds are a huge fire hazard, so assume the role of fire inspector and give the Orochi a surprise fire drill by activating the fire alarm, as seen below.


Once the alarm sounds, run back outside, run up the ledge and wait on top of the entrance for the personnel to clear out. Once they are outside, drop down behind them and enter the laboratory. The laptop is sitting on a table inside, so head over to it and download the report.


Objective: Download a field report

Immediately after downloading the previous report, head back outside and up to the helicopter which you circled around earlier. Turn around, and you should see another helicopter, head towards it.


Once there, go under the tail of the Helicopter and continue towards the fence.


Turn to your right while facing the helicopter and walk over to the laptop to download the field report.


Tier 4

Objective: Go to the helipad

With the worst part over, head back to the first helicopter the same way you got to the field report.


Objective: Examine the cargo

Once there, circle around to the other side of the helicopter and head towards the tail, you will notice some boxes with a yellow outline, examine one of them.


Tier 5

Objective: Find an unattended laptop

Turn around and you will see two laptops on the picnic table from which you snatched the Occult report earlier, head over and your objective will update.

Objective: Upload the information to your faction HQ

Use the laptop to upload the information.


NOTE: The fastest way to exit the area again without being tranquillised and thrown into the tunnels by an Orochi agent or drone is to jump onto the green container (the side on which the lid is closed), and then leaping over the fence and onto the beach, be sure to avoid the Orochi agent guarding the hole in the fence as you make your escape.


Congratulations, mission complete!

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