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Posted by Impia on April 26, 2014
Last updated by Vikestart on September 22, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kingsmouth Mound of Red Seaweed (885,865) XP250 000 PAX20 000  BB1
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This is the collection mission for the Kingsmouth Lair, Duma Beach. You must complete this mission to unlock the lair’s defense mission, The Last Strand.

All monsters in this lair have extremely high Defense stats, and they heal a small amount whenever they are dealt a glancing blow. Consider bringing extra Hit Rating, or abilities that reduce the chance of glancing blows.

The Draug enemies also frequently give themselves defensive buffs, Barnacled and Coastal Ward. Consider purging these. Coastal Ward is only cast while they are standing in water.

All enemies in this lair are immune to hinders and impairs.

[Image: the starting point for the mission Coralations, in Kingsmouth.]

Tier 1

Objective: Collect 25 clumps of red sargassum

These are scattered all over the lair. Look for them at the edge of the water, where red stuff hits the beach. One example is pictured below:

[Image: some Red sargassum, for the mission Coralations in Kingsmouth Lair, Duma Beach.]

Be careful when approaching sargassum that seems to have no enemies nearby – Keelhauled zombies like to hide, undetectable, under the sand and pop out when a player gets too close!

[Image: some red sargassum in the Kingsmouth Lair that appears unguarded.]

[Image: a Keelhauled zombie rises from the sand next to the apparently undefended red sargassum.]

Objective: Set the sargassum on fire in a barrel

There are a few barrels, generally closer to the sea. One location is pictured below. Use the barrel to complete the mission, but watch out – as soon as you do, a cloud of poisonous gas billows out.

[Image: a barrel of sargassum is lit on fire. Poisonous gasses billow forth. One bee died in the making of this picture.]

Completing this collection mission for the first time unlocks the lair’s defense mission, The Last Strand.

This mission awards a choice of one Summoning Ritual Fragment. The options are any one of the nine fragments required to summon Wreathmother. These fragments are:

Lambda 03 – Pi 04 – Upsilon 04

Rho 07 – Tau 05 – Xi 05

Rho 01 – Tau 06 – Omicron 07

This mission also awards a [Red Sargassum Barrel], a special item that can optionally be used during the mission The Last Strand to provide a small AoE. It is not necessary for that mission and it has no other use.

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