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Horror Show

Posted by Chaosetor on August 1, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on June 13, 2014
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kingsmouth Helen Bannerman (185,320) XP75 020 PAX5 000  BB2
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Tier 1

Objective: Check a phonebook for secured businesses

Head over to the phonebook located in the police station as shown below, your objective will then update.


Objective: Retrieve the camera from the Sycoil gas station

The camera is located at the front of the gas station at (330,230), however, you will not be able to reach it from the ground, head to the back of the gas station and climb onto the roof via the container as shown below, you will then be able to collect the camera from the roof.


Objective: Retrieve the camera from Kingsmouth Savings and Loans

Head to the coordinates (365,315) and collect the camera which is located to the left of the door.


Objective: Retrieve the camera from the mining museum

Head to the museum at (355,270), you will notice the camera on the second floor balcony, much like the first camera this one is out of reach, and the stairs leading to the second floor are blocked off by some furniture. Fortunately the neighbour has a set of stairs on the side of his house. Head to the back of the museum and climb the stairs at (333, 280) as shown below. You will then be able to jump over to the roof of the museum and collect the camera from the balcony. Once you have collected the camera you will receive a note from the janitor saying that the camera is broken and needs changing, and that the new ones are located in the basement.


Tier 2

Objective: Enter the mining museum basement

Head inside the museum and enter the basement via the door at (340, 275).


Objective: Ask the janitor about the cameras

In the end of the hallway you will see the janitor, as you approach you will trigger a cutscene and the janitor will flee.


Tier 3

Objective: Find a way to bypass the booby-traps

As you turn around the corner you will notice thin laser beams on the floor, avoid these at all costs or they will trigger explosives which will instantly kill you.


Turn right just before the wall of laser beams and enter the room.


Just after entering the room, do not walk into the spotlighted areas, but instead hed right and walk up the ramp.


Turn left and head straight forward and up the ramps. Keep heading along the edge and walk down the ramp on the other side.


After you walk down the ramp, jump onto the set of crates just in front of you and on the wall ahead of you there’s a trap deactivation switch, use it and your objective will update.


Now you will need to navigate your way through some laser walls, simply look for the area of the wall that has a large enough gap for you to pass through and walk through it, be careful so you do not walk into the next wall of lasers. For the first wall this is to the far right near the shelves, on the second wall it is in the middle and on the third and final wall it is on the far left near the wall.


Ahead of you there is a wall of vertical lasers which will have to be deactivated before you can advance. Turn right and there will be another room much like the previous one, only here the lights will be moving.


Turn right again and then left as shown below.


Wait for the light to pass and head over to the corner by the large picture as shown below and wait for it to pass again before heading up the ramp by the wall. Do not stand directly next to the picture or the other light sensor will detect you.


Stand directly under the light sensor and wait for the light to pass before continuing to follow the shelves, crates and planks to the other side of the room. You will see a red light on the far wall, this is the trap deactivation switch, simply head over to it and be sure not to step into any of the light sensors along the way. Press it and the switch will turn green instead, your mission will then update.


Objective: Recover a new camera from the crate

The Janitor, or “Insane Survivalist” as he is called will attack you upon leaving the room, he has 1412 HP, kill him and proceed to the end of the room where you will find the crate containing the camera, grab it and your objective will update.


Tier 4

Objective: Place camera on street light

Head to the street light at (238,341) and place a camera on it as shown below.


Objective: Place camera on house corner

Head to the house corner at (213,374) and place a camera there.


Objective: Place camera on street light

Head to the street light at (165,378) right by the council of Venice envoy and place a camera on it.


Objective: Place camera on tree trunk

Finally head to the tree at (193,288) and place a camera on its trunk, your mission will then update.


Tier 5

Objective: Use the police computer to initialise the system

Head inside the police station and use the computer at (187,321). The computer is on the desk right next to Helen Bannerman as shown below.


When you use the computer a small computer window will appear on your screen, type 1 and press enter, then type 1 and press enter again. You can then view the feeds from the cameras if you want to, this is, however, not required to complete the mission.

Congratulations, mission complete!

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