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Tango & Cash

Posted by Chaosetor on October 17, 2013
Last updated by Chaosetor on October 21, 2014
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kingsmouth Tattered Note (620, 670) XP25 850 PAX2 500  BB1
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T&C 1

Note: This mission must be done alongside the mission Scrapyard Defence or while assisting someone else who is doing it.

Tier 1

Objective: Read the tattered note

It is on the bus where you found the mission, click it to read.

Objective: Go to the barricades and prepare for the assault

If you are doing the mission whilst escorting someone who is doing the mission Scrapyard Defence, wait for them to trigger the assault. If you are doing it alone, make sure to pick up that mission as well and follow the designated guide.

T&C 2

Tip: You do not have to wait the two minutes before each wave if you place Edgar’s Toys. This will save a lot of valuable time as you only have 10 minutes to complete the mission.

T&C 3

Objective: Kill assaulting zombies

Objective: Kill assaulting draug

You will have to kill 15 Zombies and 15 draug within 10 minutes, whilst doing the scrapyard defence mission, or helping someone else do it to succeed.

T&C 4

Congratulations, mission complete!

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