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The Hunger

Posted by Chaosetor on October 18, 2013
Last updated by Chaosetor on October 21, 2014
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kingsmouth Mutilated Corpse (332,170) XP40 320 PAX3 330  BB1
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TH 1

Tier 1

Objective: Follow the trail of blood

Backtrack the trail until you reach a corpse at (310,140).

Tier 2

Objective: Follow the trail of blood

Well this sounds awfully familiar. Keep backtracking the trail of blood and you will reach yet another mutilated corpse at (220,100).

Tier 3

Objective: Kill the Voracious Wendigo

You will be attacked once you reach the corpse, show the wendigo what it’s like to become a mutilated corpse.

TH 3

Tier 4

Objective: Follow the beast

Not only a murderer, but also a coward! Follow the abomination and put an end to its life.

Tier 5

Objective: Kill the Voracious Wendigo

Deja Vú. Once you approach the cliffside it will spawn with a full bar of health. This time there is no escape, slay it.

TH 4

Congratulations, mission complete!

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