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The Kingsmouth Code

Posted by Chaosetor on August 3, 2013
Last updated by Vikestart on August 29, 2015
Zone Starting Location Rewards
Kingsmouth Henry Hawthorne (282,476) XP

215 050

PAX6 670  BB4
More Less Jump to:


Tier 1

Objective: Follow Illuminati symbols

This is not at all straightforward, but there is a way! Hint and solution below.

Each manhole has an Illuminati symbol on it which “points” in a direction through the top of the pyramid, the example below “points” straight ahead.
Follow the manholes to the dock house located at (513,288).

Objective: Examine the plaque on the ground

Examine the plaque by walking up to and using it.


Tier 2

Objective: Find the location referenced in the message

If you’re stuck, you can find a hint and the solution right below.

The clue here is “In the seat of power” where is the seat of power in a town?
The town hall, so head over to the town hall at (365,364).
Head inside and you will see several paintings on the walls, this is where the second part of the message comes into play “the navigator immortalized” 

Refer to the image below for the correct painting.


NOTE: If you select the wrong painting you might get another hint which will lead to a “false” objective update, if this has happened to you, simply head to the location which matches the hint you received on the painting you examined, then return to the town hall and examine the painting of the navigator to proceed with the mission.

There were no shortage of volunteers for the burning –  Go to the Kingsmouth Volunteer Fire Dpt. located at (465,528).

No mariner would go to sea unsupplied – Go to Difresne & Son Marine Supplies located at (432,348).

Our thoughts are dark as oil, choking as gas – Go to the Sycoil gas station located at (325,226).

A clam and a pearl – Go to the café Pam the Clam located at (295,387).

Men have seen desires and nightmares in the alley behind the diner – Go to the alley behind Susie’s diner at (387,323).

Tier 3

Objective: Find the next hidden location

You will find three hints below, and then the solution.

The message you receive from the paining mentions “the hands of time point to truths written by kings in the words of God”.
The hands of time means you are looking for a clock, “the words of God” point to the Bible.
Check the clock in the town hall and you will see that it is stuck at 10:10. “The words of god” points to The Bible, so we are looking for a Bible verse, more specifically, Kings 1 10:10 which reads: “And she gave the king a hundred and twenty talents of gold, large quantities of spices, and precious stones. Never again were so many spices brought in as those the queen of Sheba gave to King Solomon.”
There are two clues located within this Bible quote, the first one is “King Solomon” who was considered to be a prophet, or a priest as well as a king. So head over to the priest’s house located at (325,474). Go to the back and you will see a cellar entrance which just happens to be locked by a keypad. The queen of Sheba gave 120 talents of gold to King Solomon, and so the code is 120.

Tier 4

Objective: Use the computer

Head over to the computer and use it, it will request a password, so type “hint” and press enter to receive your hint.


Two hints and the solution below.

The hint is “As the famous Solomon Priest once said ‘Light conquers all.”
These words were spoken by a priest, so it might not have been said in English…
The password is “Lux Omnia Vincit” which happens to be Latin for “Light conquers all” enter the Latin phrase and press enter to unlock the computer. Select “1 – Access secure artifacts” by pressing 1 and hitting enter.

Tier 5

Objective: Collect the Eye artifact

Objective: Collect the Pyramid artifact

Objective: Collect the Phoenix artifact

Collect each of the three artifacts from the secure vault. Congratulations, mission complete!


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